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Hot Stuff: LizQuen As VArchie? We Reimagine The 'Riverdale' Cast As These Kapamilya Celebs!

Hot Stuff: LizQuen As VArchie? We Reimagine The 'Riverdale' Cast As These Kapamilya Celebs!

Netflix series Riverdale took the world by storm early this 2017, as fictional comic book characters Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and the rest of his famous high school gang came to life in a slightly more subversive, intriguing, sultry, and adventurous take on their smalltown lives. The recently-concluded first season (were you as shocked with the finale as we were?) has a story pace that keeps you glued to your screens more than any special effects or production wizardry would. Partly, the its success lied in the heart and authenticity of its cast's portrayal of characters.

There is a fantasy idea here we wish to fulfill and such would be in the form of a Riverdale cast change-up. The cast change-up we want is a complete Kapamilya overhaul, and we ourselves were surprised at how extremely possible it would be to round up a local star-studded version of the Riverdale posse! Let us know if you agree with our picks!


1. Enrique Gil as Riverdale's Archie Andrews (KJ Apa). The series' very own freckly "carrot-top" as Archie was called sometimes in the comics is our own tisoy boy, Quen. With his broad shoulders and cool way of sporting jackets is he's right up on our list as the gang's very own lady chaser and heartbreaker.


Shoot all day and the hairstyle still looks perfect. Thanks to grips! ?????? #BakaNakaGrips"

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2. Liza Soberano as Riverdale's Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes). We first thought of casting Liza as Betty because of her unmissable girl-next-door look and vibe. It was until we bumped into this shot of her in dark hair and makeup that we reconsidered her to assume the more sophisticated and sultry Veronica. After all, who'd want to separate Liz from Quen or, if you've been following the series, Veronica from Archie for that matter?


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You cannot deny the existence of our very own local "VArchie" 

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3. Sue Ramirez as Riverdale's Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart). We wondered if there was anyone sweet-looking enough but had that hidden spice Betty possesses in Riverdale. We realized who better than sweetie-lookin' Sue? Sue also knows how to rock an edgy look from time to time, and it's those random personality shifts Betty that makes her such a colorful character to watch. With Betty, that inner struggle is real.


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??Been an angel all year.

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4. James Reid as Riverdale's Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse). We found this perfect shot of James and there simply was no denying it, we had to pick him as Jughead. This was from a trip abroad that he took a while back, even before Riverdale aired. It was fortuitous for us to have found a similar photo of Cole as Jughead having coffee as well! Jughead provides pretty much the narrative consciousness of the entire first season; we love the spot-on vibe James gives off here if we were to imagine him in the role.


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I love coffee in the morning ?? #unionsquare

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5. Arci Muñoz as Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom (Madeline Petsch). Sultry and sexy, best-frenemy-forever and mean girl Cheryl is a multifaceted character in Riverdale. Audiences usually span between hating her, pitying her, understanding her...and in rare super random moments, loving her. Throughout the the series, you really never know whether you should ever trust a Blossom or not. The beautiful Arci caught our eye and that alluring gaze and full lips with a hint of slyness helped us make the choice.


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6. Jona Viray as Riverdale's Josie of Josie and the Pussycats (Ashleigh Murray). Songbird and lovely morena girl Jona Viray was our quick pick when it came to choosing someone who could actually embody Ashleigh's feisty portrayal of Josie. The lead girl of the local town pop band, Josie is known for her drive to impress and do original Pussycat songs while performing the occasionally rearranged cover on the side. Her character's inner struggle comes with having a hard-to-please, barely-impressed once-in-a-while-there father also working in the music industry.



Feelin' my || Feelin' my

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7. Paulo Avelino as Riverdale's Reggie Mantle. Every highschool has its own set of airheads or "angas"  guys you're not sure whether to hate or love, especially when they're as good-looking as Riverdale's Season 1 series Reggie played by Ross Butler. Reggie is the suave high school heckler who never seems to let up especially with Archie on the football team. One Kapamilya actor was immediately top of mind especially after recalling his performance in The Unmarried Wife as a slick bad boy set on falling in love, Paulo Avelino. His bad boy characters often ooze with appeal while remaining as rebellious and badass as can be.


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Caution: Pants in picture are tighter than they appear.

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For Season 2 however, much to the disappointment of Reggie's fans, Ross will not be returning to Riverdale as Reggie Mantle. The show has found new actor Charles Melton to play the character. Charles may be best remembered from American Horror Story. Ross, meanwhile, only had good things to say bout this development and he's happy and proud enough to "pass the baton off" to the newly casted Reggie. 



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8. Alex Diaz as Riverdale's late Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines). Fil-Canadian Myx VJ Alex Diaz, with his light-eyed stare and jock vibe, just had to be our Jason Blossom. While Alex might not be quite as fair as the series' own handsome missing redhead played by model/actor Trevor Stines, we think he can manage to fit the brief with his good-looks and stare power. The Riverdale series begins with Jason Blossom having gone missing after a day out with his sister Cheryl.


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