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The Six Fix: Films That Will Make You Appreciate Your Mom Even More

The Six Fix: Films That Will Make You Appreciate Your Mom Even More



Our moms are undoubtedly the best women we have in our lives, but they are also some of the most underappreciated. Because they're always there for us, it's easy to overlook just how important they are. This Mother's Day, Chalk revisits six movies that will remind us of our momma's worth. Watch it with your mom—the heartwarming stories will make you realize just how thankful you should be for her existence!


If you need a reminder that mom only wants the best for you...
Brave (2012)

This animated film will tug at your hearstrings and make you teary-eyed when you realize that you are who you are because of your mom. There will be times when our mom's decisions are worlds different from what we want, but we need to trust her because she knows and only wants what's best for us. Brave shows that a mom's absence can only be felt once you lose her—and, when you do, you're going to try your darndest just to have her back.


If you need a reminder that mom will always have your back...
Freaky Friday (2003)

It's true—there will be a lot of times when you and your mom won't meet eye to eye and you'll end up arguing a lot because of it. But as Freaky Friday shows, no matter how weird life seems to be, you will only understand a person when you've (literally) walked in her shoes. Mom will always have your back, and she will always try to understand you no matter how hard it might be for her. So, have a little faith, and give your mom a chance to get to know what you really want!


If you need a reminder that mom only wants you to be happy...
Mamma Mia! (2008)

Even if you try to keep secrets from your mom, she will eventually unravel the truth because, guess what, she's your m-o-t-h-e-r. This film shows just how moms are willing to face anything, even old ghosts, and will even compromise their own happiness just as long as you're happy. They're not afraid to get hurt, and will do everything in their power to make sure that you're always in good hands.


If you need a reminder that mom will always fight for...
Jenny, Juno (2012)

This is for everyone who's ever judged a teenage mom. Jenny, Juno will make you realize just how hard it is for pregnant teenagers to hold their head high in a society full of prejudice, and the pressure that they must feel because they're not yet ready to become parents. If your mom had you when she was young, this film will show you what she had to go through just to have you. So, hug her today and don't ever let her down—after all, she fought hard just so you can come to this world.


If you need a reminder that mom sacrifices everything for you...
Anak (2000)

This iconic Filipino film is a must-watch for all families, especially if you belong in an OFW household. Anak is not just a drama piece that will touch your heart. Be prepared to have it heart ripped out at the same time when you finally realize that everything you have in your life right now was possible because of your mom's sacrifices. A mom will stop at nothing, and would fight at any cost to give you a better life—an infinitely better one from what she had. 


If you need a reminder that mom will do everything for you...
Ang Tanging Ina (2003)

Don't be fooled by this comedy. Yes, it will make you double over in laughter, but it will also punch you in the gut with its dramatic moments. This movie proves that a mom will literally do everything—and anything—just to make ends meet for her children. She is prepared to die of exhaustion if it means meeting her children's needs. So if you're lusting for a new phone, think: Do you really need it? You never know what sacrifices your mom might be making just so she can make you happy.


Have you seen these films? We know you wouldn't need to watch them all over again just to realize your mom's worth, so thank your mom and don't make her feel special just because it's Mother's Day today—make her feel special for the rest of her life.


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