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Daily Diaries: These Sweet Celeb Mother's Day Letters Will Inspire You To Get Mushy If You Aren't

Daily Diaries: These Sweet Celeb Mother's Day Letters Will Inspire You To Get Mushy If You Aren't

Are you all set for your Mother's Day surprise for mom or wifey yet? Gifts are nice, but moms will love them more if they came with letters that express just how much they mean to you—especially if you're not the type to tell her 'I love you' on a regular basis. Now, if you're very vocal about how important mom is to you, well and good, but you know, you gotta level it up for Mother's Day.

For some inspiration, we asked Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 celebrity housemate Hideo Muraoka to write his life partner, model and swimwear designer Fatima Rabago. A hunk who's all out when it comes to loving his woman? Total peg (husbands, take good note)!

Dear Fatima,

I really love you. I’m really proud of you, you're a hardworking superwoman who is able to juggle your being a mother and your career, and so many other things wonderfully. I love you so much, you're the person I want to be with for a long time and grow old with together.

                                                                                                      Love,                                                                                                                       Hideo

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We also asked model Kaila Estrada for her love letter to mom, actress and host Janice de Belen. She may be the quintessential cool girl, but she isn't afraid to be all cheesy when it comes to opening up about her love for her mom, too!


Dear Mom,

Thank you for everything, and I mean everything. You’re one of the strongest, if not the strongest, women I know. I believe I grew up to be a strong woman because of you, and that you inspire me to be better every single day—better at what I do, whether it's work or on a personal level, I feel like you inspire me to become better. I've looked up to you ever since I was a child, you’ve always been my inspiration as a child and now even if I'm grown up, you still are. Thank you for always being there, even if you're so busy you always have time to talk and check on us and see what we're doing just so you're more involved in our lives. We really appreciate that, we're really glad we grew up so close and it's all because of you. You’re like the glue in our whole family, so thank you so much. I love you mom!

                                                                                                             Love, Kaila



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