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The Six Fix: How To Be Your Mom's Favorite

The Six Fix: How To Be Your Mom's Favorite



Growing up, you'll sometimes doubt if you're doing enough to show your parents that they're raising you right. The way they shout and boss you around often makes you think that your life is a boot camp then you'll see that your siblings get different treatment. (Is the pressure to be the perfect simply on you?!)

Being in a family with siblings will make you feel like you're competing for the Olympics when it comes to getting your mom's attention. To be honest, I've always felt as if I'm my mom's least favorite child; but, lately, something's changed—she now checks up on me regularly. Have I eaten? Am I on my way home? Then, validation came when my mom changed her Facebook profile photo, and I was in it! I felt as if I've finally made it—have I actually become my mom's...favorite?

I don't actually know exactly what I did, but if, like me, you're pining for mom's attention, here are the things I think might be relevant when it comes to getting on her radar:


1. Don't get caught. Whenever you want to go all Royal Rumble with your siblings, make sure you'll never get caught as the beater. Act as if you were the one bullied or beaten up (even if you're literally a head taller than your sibling)—the more red marks and scratches the better. Oh, and always be the first one to tattletale. That'll get her attention for sure.

2. Be proud of yourself. If you achieved something "great," tell mom. Even if it's as minor as telling your crush that you like her or something major like graduating cum laude, be proud of your successes. If she sees you being happy with yourself, her smile will be bigger than yours (and maybe your baon will get bigger, to. Hah!). Just be a little sipsip, but genuine. It will matter in the end.

3. Do your best in everything. There will be times when you'll think you're mediocre. That's normal—you'll feel insecure about your talents and you'll start questioning your strengths (do you even have any strengths?). But just the fact that you're doing your best will make your mom proud. A+ for effort, they say. Just do your best and always ask yourself this before making any decision: Will mom be proud if she knew I did this? If the answer is no, then don't do it!

4. Know when to stand up for yourself, but also know when to act like a child. There will come a time when you'll have to swallow your pride when arguing with mom. Before, I always used to tell myself that mom raised me and sent me to school not just to nod and agree, but to know what I want in life and what I want to fight for. But sometimes you have to let go of that principle and just listen to her—she may not be perfect but she always makes sense in the end. IDK why, but she always does. Just listen to her!

5. Be true. We might think that our parents already have a prototype or blueprint of what a perfect child should be, but they can't really control what kind of person we'll become. Mom, of all people, will be the one to understand and accept us no matter who or what we decide to be in the future. Knowing our true self is just a step for us to become our mom's favorite. Just know that no matter happens, she will love you and you will be her favorite in her own little ways.

6. Be a single child. The easiest way to be your mom's favorite child is to be a single child. There will be no "competition"—it will be an automatic thing. So you just hope and pray that mom and dad decide to not have another child. Or else. Kidding!

Honestly, there's no specific way of becoming a favorite child. Your mom might even get offended if you accuse her of playing favorites. She'll feel bad that you're thinking that she doesn't love you all equally, and, really, there's no favorite child—she loves you all in different ways. No love is the same and no child sees love the same way. So just focus on what's in front of you—your mom and how much she loves you! Greet her a Happy Mother's Day, okay? 


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