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In Focus: 10 Young Millennials On What They Really Think About Their Moms

In Focus: 10 Young Millennials On What They Really Think About Their Moms



Fact: We can be a little shy when it comes to telling our loved ones how we really feel–yes, our moms included. We groan and complain a lot about our millennial problems, and often they're the ones there listening and then offering some legit life advice. We often invest our time and efforts on other things, and then forgetting the ones that truly matter—like our relationship with our moms. But don't you think that for Mother's Day, we ought to drop all that act and pay them back with our love?

Go offline, hide your phone, free up your day. Free yourself from that all that millennial 'tude–just for mom's special day. This weekend, make her feel like the queen that she really is by letting her know you appreciate and love her. Trust us, for them, that's all that really matters.

If you're still feeling a little chary about opening yourself up, Chalk asked 10 other millennials to reveal what they've always wanted to tell their moms but never had the chance to. Read on and be inspired to tell your mom everything that you've always wanted to say, too!


1. Johntee, 21

"My mom is an inexhaustible source of unconditional love. She never fails to make me feel appreciated and supports me no matter the circumstance. She makes countless sacrifices to ensure that I am able to reach my dreams. All in all, she epitomizes the ideal mother, one who cares unconditionally and puts her children above all."

2. Alyanne, 22

"I love how [my] mom has the ability to play different roles in my life: a mom who showers me with love, a best friend who tolerates my millennial self, and a teacher who instills life learnings so that I can be a better version of myself."

3. Aira, 22

"The way she can tolerate my flaws and weaknesses is simply amazing. No matter how many times we have petty fights or disagreements, her love for me still remains the same. I also admire how she can still be kind and loving to me and my siblings despite our imperfections. Truly, nothing beats the love of a mother."

4. Marktee, 23

"My mother is my superwoman! The fact that she was able to raise us, her children, properly, even without our father's help still leaves me in awe and wonder. I also love how she always supports me in whatever path I choose to take."

5. Rikki, 23

"My mom, for me, is an alarm. She would wake me up a full minute before my alarm clock rings, and tell me a ridiculously advanced version of the actual time as she does so. But more than being an exaggerated clock, she would always go off and remind me the important things in life. Plus, it's like she has the gift of premonition—whenever I'm about to do something wrong, she would have ready advice on what I should do to set things right."

6. Monica, 20

"Even if everything I do now is extremely different from what she liked when she was my age, she still cheers me on. She tries to understand  and keep up with all the trends by asking me about them so that she won't feel as old as she really is. LOL!"

7. Chelsea, 22

"I admire how my mother rose up and slayed the challenges of single parenthood. She is my real life superhero and my best inspiration."

8. Maera, 21

"I'm really thankful that my mother goes out of her way to nurture a relationship with me beyond Viber, even if she's been working overseas my whole life. We don't have the luxury to get to know each other by physically being together, and I know it's tough for her as she doesn't really know how to manoeuvre around our 'awkward' situation. But knowing that she's making an effort to get to know me as a person and not just as her daughter makes my heart go awww."

9. Jerica, 21

"Aside from loving me with everything she has, I love how my mom keeps up with my being a millennial. When my older siblings were my age, they didn't have Instagram or Snapchat. But, now, mom has to live in the age of social media, and whenever I would ask her if the photo I wanted to post was 'Instagrammable,' she'd really tell me her opinion. She would even oblige to take a Snap with a filter (I'd ask her to open her mouth for the dog filter, heh)! It's those simple things that affirm her love and support for me."

10. Joy, 22

"I love the fact that my mother is very open about her belief in God. She's my praying partner. She's one of the people that I know who has real, genuine faith, so whenever I talk to her, my spirituality gets strengthened, too. I'm really grateful to God for giving my family our mother."


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