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In Focus: 3 Moms In Pinoy Pop Culture Who Have Become Our Role Models In Real Life

In Focus: 3 Moms In Pinoy Pop Culture Who Have Become Our Role Models In Real Life

We'd like to turn the knob on Mother's day and take a step through the door to the past and rediscover these drama mamas. They're the on-screen pop culture moms too iconic we can never erase them from memory. Their characters stood up for themselves in spite of all the challenging circumstances and odd situations their families faced on the show. The roles these women played will always be remembered in the heart-wrenching yet powerful scenes they delivered and will continue to remind us of girl-momma power for years to come!


1. Sharon Cuneta as stepmother Marielle in Madrasta.  "I was never your partner.  I'm just your wife, kaya hindi mo ako nirerespeto." One of the most memorable quotes ever unleashed by the Megastar was one that leveled mountains of frustration for many challenged stepmoms or second spouses out there. Her character Marielle is second wife to Edward played by Christopher De Leon, and much of the pressure comes not exactly from first wife Sandra (Zsa Zsa Padilla) but in trying to find the value of her role as a stepmother to his three children still affected from his separation from their mother. For the role, Sharon picked up the best actress awards from the FAMAS, FAP, and Gawad Urian awards.

2. Eula Valdez/Jodi Sta.Maria as Amor Powers, mother of Yna in Pangako Sa 'Yo.   PSY, in its first run, was a powerhouse teleserye that ran for almost 2 years, boasting 481 half-hour episodes with an eye-wateringly successful rating of 64.9% on nationwide TV. It had extended groups of fans in the Southeast Asian region, complete with dubbed editions of the Jericho Rosales-Kristine Hermosa starrer. The mother character though that was successfully portrayed with excellence in both the original run and the remake was the heartbroken and bitter Amor Powers. Amor fell in love with mining heir Eduardo (played by Ton Ton Gutierrez, later on Ian Veneracion), whose family disapproved of her background in the first PSY run because she was their maid. In the second run, the role was revised and Amor was not a maid, but one of the locals from the mining town who was good at cooking.  

In the original PSY run actress, Eula made people fall in love with her and hate her at the same time. The main scene where Amor turned vengeful and cold was at a dump site, after she thought a trash slide killed her baby she had left with her mother. Bitterly, in sequence, she spotted a marriage announcement in a paper where Eduardo marries someone else as seen in this link here. The baby survived and grew up to be Yna, played by Kristine and later on in the remake, Kathryn Bernardo. In the second run, instead of a trashslide, it was a landslide that causes Jodi as Amor to believe all has been lost. (Jodi herself was in the original run as Lia, Eduardo's daughter with Claudia.) It's a rare instance for two actresses to successfully lift the same embittered onscreen mother to memorable heights.

Another extremely moving scene from PSY's 2015 remake was Amor discovering years later that Yna was actually her daughter with Eduardo


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Jodi's success in this role for PSY brought her to the international Emmy's ,where she competed against Judi Dench also nominated for another TV role. Pinay pride, FTW!

3. Sylvia Sanchez as widowed mother Gloria in The Greatest Love. Sylvia in the late 90s could be remembered also as the reluctant stepmom of Esperanza played by Judy Ann Santos. She has since played a number of roles as a strong, not-to-be-crossed mother who's made sacrifices for her children. Her most recent and memorable role recently concluded with the Kapamilya series The Greatest Love, further replaced by Pusong Ligaw. In the series, Sylvia's character Gloria found herself in love with Peter early on, only to marry the other guy Andres due to circumstances. Ellen Adarna played the young Gloria.


The Greatest Love @tgltv ? #TGLBrokenVow impas sa hilak! #flashback

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The sad truth: Andres raped Gloria, forcing her to keep it to herself even if she still loved Peter. She saw Peter again, confessing to him how she still loved him all those years. In the end, she broke the momentary affair off with Peter and returned to her family heartbroken and pregnant with her youngest daughter Lizelle (played by Andi Eigenmann).  


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"Peter, pinapangako ko na mahalin ka araw-araw, patawanin ka kapag malungkot ka, ipagluto ka kapag gutom ka. Peter, ang tagal nating nawalay sa isa't isa. Ang daming nangyaring masakit. Ngayong nandito ka na, matutupad na ang ating pangarap. Pinapangako ko na babawi ako, pagsisilbihan kita, aalagaan kita sa abot ng aking makakaya. Ikaw ang first love ko. Hanggang sa huli mahal kita, lagi mong tatandaan. Pangako, simula ngayon wala nang iwanan," she wrote.

Years later, Gloria became Andres' widow. Towards the end of the series, Peter re-entered the picture but not without struggle and opposition from her older children.


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Eventually, as wrinkles in the family got ironed out, Gloria and Peter married each other. Conveying the message of a second chance at love, The Greatest Love's wedding episode even trended online.

But Peter and Gloria encountered many more struggles afterward as a married couple. But what mattered to the show's viewers was the fact that true love had its way in the end, and Gloria's weary maternal heart was redeemed. Sylvia effectively portrayed Gloria as a strong yet vulnerable character, her ability to show multiple dynamics and emotions in a single scene totally proving her versatility as an actress!


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