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The Six Fix: Simple But Impactful Tips For Green Living By WWF Ambassador Iza Calzado

The Six Fix: Simple But Impactful Tips For Green Living By WWF Ambassador Iza Calzado

Bliss star Iza Calzado wasn't that eco-conscious—frankly.

“When World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines tapped me to be a National Ambassador, I asked them, ‘Why me?’ It’s not like I’ve been vocal about sustainable development nor am I an environmentalist," she recalled in our chat with her at the launch of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection last month.

But like some things in life you encounter and then fall in love with eventually, Iza "realized that this is my opportunity to become more aware of environmental issues."

"I’m learning slowly it’s really in the decisions that we make," she added.

When not taping for A Love To Last or filming another Yakushi Pearl Award winner (congrats to Iza and Bliss director Jerrold Tarog for the movie's feat at the 2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival!), Iza keeps busy caring for the environment. The 34-year-old especially does so with WWF's efforts in reducing carbon footprint.

Why, following Iza, you'd realize that going green doesn’t require drastic change in your lifestyle. Little things can make just as big a difference, she's living proof. Here's how it can be done!


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1. Consider what you eat. "I've been applying [sustainability] to choices I make in my diet. Most of the stuff at home are farm-to-table. My food affects my health and my family’s."

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2. Think twice about furniture purchases. “I was about to buy a zebra hide because, let’s be honest, it’s beautiful. But then I stopped…I realized that this is wildlife. It can’t be part of my lifestyle anymore. So, I opt for ones that don’t harm wildlife, like cowhide [since]—it’s livestock.”

3. Try refusing single-use plastic. “Talk to your household help into using less plastic. Try reducing plastic yourself. I noticed I used to use a lot of Ziplock and straws. I was never a fan of straws to begin with, but now I always say no to them because once they give them to you, they get thrown away.”  

4. Adjust your everyday habits. “Closing windows and doors saves energy [as does] shutting off your air conditioner or fans. Switch to LED bulbs. I also hate water that’s always running, except when I’m showering. I have to admit that I need the shower to be hot…but if it takes the shower a long time to get hot, I try to go midway. Compromise is somewhere there.”

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5. Let your clothes do the talking. “(Eco-fashion) always takes inspiration from Mother Nature in terms of design. It works because it’s both very concerned about the issues of the earth and sustainable development.” 

6. Get kids involved. “Small choices will make a big difference. And the impact to the youth is very important. When they see that you’ve made these changes, it becomes their habit whereas you (as an adult) are trying to train yourself.”  


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