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Hot Stuff: This Celestial-Inspired Menu Will Get Star Wars Fans Excited For 'The Last Jedi!'

Hot Stuff: This Celestial-Inspired Menu Will Get Star Wars Fans Excited For 'The Last Jedi!'

The 40th anniversary of the Force brings exciting things for fans of the Star Wars franchise, with a food-centric social, May The Fork Be With You. Running on all Saturdays of May, this gastronomical event is a collaboration between Plato PH and Privatus Dining that whisks you to a galaxy far, far away. A pricetag of Php1,500 per head will get you a degustation menu along with galactic cocktails.

Helmed by the culinary powerhouse Executive Chef AJ and skillful mixologist Mark Marquez, May The Fork Be With You offers imaginative interpretations of iconic Star Wars characters and symbols, where familiar flavors are given an innovative spin for a truly unforgettable feast.

The Death Asado Roll is their tribute to the infamous Death Star. It delivers quite a lethal flavor kick it with its piquant Asado filling encased in a pillow soft bun tinted with squid ink.

Grilled Octopus paired with Bacon Breadcrumbs and Garlic Mayo is Chef AJ's interpretation of the Sarlaac, a ferocious monster living in the sand dunes of Tatooine. A favorite pet of Jabba the Hutt, the Sarlaac as a dish will quickly make it into the list of your favorite nomnoms. The creamy dip counterpoints the umami flavor of the octopus to perfection, with the bacon bits adding a salty crunch to the dish.

The Thai Fighter Rolls, inspired by Imperial TIE Fighters, make for bites that even rebel spies would love. The crispness of the baked wanton wings provides an interesting texture to the freshness of the spring roll.

The Ewok Sushi, an adorable take on one of the most loved characters of the Star Wars franchise, is almost too cute to eat. Popping one into your mouth will stem any regrets, however. Just like their namesakes, their cuteness belies their hidden strength, a juicy cube of Wagyu. 

A quirky homage to the Green One is found in the Yoda Soda, a beverage reincarnation of Yoda. The classic Gin and Tonic glows green with an LCD ice cube lighting things up from within.

Rounding things up is a remake of the iconic light sabers, weapon of choice of the fiercest warriors in the Galaxy, as a vodka popsicle. The glowing concoction is equally deadly as its inspiration, with a hefty amount of alcohol spiking things up for the icy treat. Proceed with caution. Or, maybe not.

Privatus Private Dining is at 8 F. Legaspi Street, Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City; tel. no. 0998-590-0996.


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Photographs from Plato PH




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