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Hot Stuff: Loving 'Goblin' Yet? Here Are 7 Reasons Why We're Cray-Cray Craving For Gong Yoo

Hot Stuff: Loving 'Goblin' Yet? Here Are 7 Reasons Why We're Cray-Cray Craving For Gong Yoo

Train to Busan and Goblin actor Gong Yoo is continuing to melt hearts and make women swoon with his mere existence. Fan instagram accounts have mushroomed countlessly over the last year since his huge role in Train to Busan, and the release of Goblin last year in Korea and the same TV series' local adaptation just last week.  We've also noted several things about the tall, lanky, fresh-faced Koreanovela heartthrob that may accelerate those palpitations you're already having!


1. He gives added value to the brute cliche "Real men wear pink." Gong Yoo is wearing something here pretty much close to baby pink, and yet we don't get the slightest vibe of dulled masculinity.


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2. He doesn't have to do anything, really, to make fans go gaga. Presence is power, they still go nuts as long as he's there. Anne Curtis proved our point in the video below at exactly 1:18 onwards when she accompanied Kuya Kim to Hong Kong for the press-con with Gong Yoo. It's where she had her press ID signed care of Kuya Kim, who actually interviewed the guy.


one man's meat,another man's poison Gong Yoo #gongyoo #??? #??

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#DreamsDoComeTrue ?? #GongYoo Kamsahamnida! I couldn't understand much but your smile and energy was contagious! To all my fellow fan girls out there I am wishing with all my heart #MakeAWishInThePhilippines happens so you may experience what I got to see tonight! Such a charming gentleman! Never had I imagined I'd get to see him THIS close. From being a fan that was just watching his series and movies to THIS. Sobrang Happy at Sobrang KILIG! As in. Ito na siguro yung todo na ng pagkafangirl ko. I definitely got more than what I wished for! XièXiè @viuhongkong and Maraming Salamat @viuphilippines ?? . . ahhhhh it certainly is a beautiful life!!!!! ?? I have so much footage to watch over and over again to keep my fan girl heart happy for a very long time! Yey! #MakeAWishinHongKong #GongYoo #?? #WishingForGongYooToComeToThePhilippines . . P.S - still wishing that one day magkaselfie and maka-handshake ko sya annnnnnnnd please excuse my screaming. Hirap magpigil mga beshie. ??

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3. His stoic sense of humor has us in stitches.  

How 'bout a bit of onset mini-fan air for the man with countless fans...and how 'bout we make it a pink one?


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4. He's a UNICEF Child ambassador and cares about real world matters. Who doesn't love a guy who cares about kids? We see here that Gong Yoo is genuine about child advocacies and has dedicated time to further promote them.


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5. Gong Yoo is often styled like a preppy guy who never steps foot outdoors but he actually surfs. The guy is super fair, how were we supposed to know he loved surfing?   

6. Gong Yoo just might be the perfect efficient home-husband since he cooks.

In an interview he had with a certain foreign magazine he admitted his love for cooking, "I enjoy cooking. I recently watched Baek Jongwon's cooking show and tried all of his recipes".  


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7.  Gong Yoo looks just as good in a tux as he does in warrior garments. In this world or the other, he'll still sweep you off your feet and look good while doing so.


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