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Hot Stuff: The Perfect Tees to Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Hot Stuff: The Perfect Tees to Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign


By Joelle Theresa Ngo and Miggy Gimena


Every astrological sign has their own dominant personality trait. This is reflected through our decisions in life, the way we interact with other people, and even our personal style!

Just for fun, we decided to see which shirts perfectly match with your zodiac signs—wear these so your personality shines through! 


Aries are some of the most passionate and enthusiastic people you'll ever encounter in life. Because of this, they usually end up having a lot of #feels about anything and everything. As the saying goes, "It' is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply." That's why we think this statement tee is perf for an Aries! 



They always feel the need to be surrounded by love and beauty. Many of those who fall under this sign are artistically inclined and have a keen eye for detail. They love expressing their emotions in a creative manner, but they can be a bit materialistic and self-indulgent at times. To sum it up, if Taurus were a city, they would be like New York: tasteful, worldly, and full of grandeur—perfectly captured by this Uniqlo printed tee!



Geminis love life and everything it has to offer! Despite their fickleness and their tendency to display multiple personalities when it comes to relationships, Geminis never fail to bring color to the lives of the people around them with their enthusiasm. Don't you think this technicolor Uniqlo Ushirt depicts the multi-faceted personality of a Gemini? 



Because they value emotions above all else, those who fall under the Cancer sign can be extremely sensitive. They are deeply passionate, which makes them the best partners—but it can also be a double-edged sword because their feelings easily get hurt. Yep, you'll be in for an emotional rollercoaster ride, but one thing's for sure: Crabs love the hardest and will even do the craziest things in the name of love. This tee accurately sums up that kind of vibe! 



With their desire to be loved and admired, Leo girls are impossible to miss in a crowd. They're some of the most warm-hearted and influential people you'll ever meet. Plus, their radiant personality allows them to be more fashion-forward than others! This makes them the perfect girls to wear this fun and witty tee, don't you think?



Virgos are known for being perfectionists. They're some of the most keen and meticulous people you'll ever meet. Because of this, Virgos tend to easily get burned out—they work harder than they should. We're guessing that this shirt perfectly sums up what they feel whenever they succumb to their workaholic tendencies! 



Librans are known maintainers of harmony and peace. They are afraid of confrontations and anything that will disturb their life's balance–and because they hate arguments, they will just introduce you to their friend, Karma, and will just wait for it to kick your ass. That's why this statement tee sums up Librans perfectly!



People born under the astrological sign Scorpio are direct, decisive, and they know what they want. They are mysterious at first, but are cool and fun to be with once you get to know them. They are known to be fierce and intense, so this shirt best fits Scorpios because it shows the three traits that sum them up: clear cut lines, hyper focus, and maturity! 




The best thing about Sagittarians is their undeniable sense of humor. They're  creative with all their jokes and punch lines, but it's not just their humor that makes them amazing. They have profound philosophical ideas because they're deep thinkers and are highly critical. We think this statement shirt represents them well because it combines humor and philosophy—two things they are good at! Hah!




Capricorns exhibit the most maturity among all astrological signs. They are responsible and disciplined—think titos and titas of all the signs! Because of this, they can be a little uptight. We think that these Mickey Mouse tees will suit the Capricorns, if only for them to show off their younger, youthful side and prove to everyone that they're not boring. Not at all!




This astrological sign constantly runs on originality and uniqueness. They are sometimes aloof and prefer being alone, but there are times when they will let go and show off their quirky, fun side. This shirt fits an Aquarian personality like a glove, with its unique geometric prints that show individuality!




Pisces are artists in their own ways, whether it be in music, visuals, or anything that can show off their passionate personality. They're also highly intuitive and are known to be the most tolerant out of all the signs. Combining their artistic prowess and their intuition, they can make the best versions of their art, which is why we think this tee suits every Piscean—it's like you're a walking art piece!


While these shirts are fun to wear on their own, it's so much better knowing you can put your own meaning behind it! What's your zodiac sign? Would you wear these shirts? Tell us in the comments below!


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Banner photograph from Linya Linya and Uniqlo PH.




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