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Love Actually: Jose-Maria And Robi-Sandara–Two Interracial Pairs Tickling Us Pink This Summer!

Love Actually: Jose-Maria And Robi-Sandara–Two Interracial Pairs Tickling Us Pink This Summer!

When news broke that former Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa is now "taken," in a relationship, that is, many a man's heart broke—and eyes green with envy have been directed towards Filipino chef and TV personality Jose Sarasola.

While we have yet to get confirmation from the two about the real status of their relationship, their Instagram posts are telling of their fondness for each other.

One other pair that we're totally keeping tabs on is K-Pop superstar Sandara Park and host Robi Domingo. They say they're just friends, but we keep on seeing signs that there's a romantic future looming in their horizon.

We can't help but be giddy with happy feels because of these two pairs! Interracial dating is nothing new, but the cuteness of these couples we are so shipping just pack on the good vibes. Here's why we're totally loving them:


1. They're as authentic online as in real life. Unlike most couples, Jose and Maria don't fuss over filters, lighting, and photo composition. In turn, their photos showcase their love in its truest form.

Robi and Sandara, on the other hand, look really good together even if they're just plain smiling.

2. They're not afraid to ham it up for the camera. Wacky faces abound amongst these two pairs! They're not afraid to distort their beautiful faces into funny, kawaii expressions.

3. They go on fun adventures! And we see them at their cutest when they're unguarded. Jose and Maria have gone on beach trips with their respective groups of friends and even tried something a bit extreme recently: Dining in the sky!

Sandara and Robi, meanwhile, always have a good time exploring Korea.

We're excited to witness more of their kilig moments! And we're so digging this cool observation from a staunch Sandara fan (Rach, btw, is one of Sandara's closest friends):


Cheers to love, love, love!


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