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The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (The Superheroes Edition)

The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (The Superheroes Edition)



There's just something about superheroes that we can't quite put into words. Whether it's their mysterious past, secret personas, and superpowers and abilities, each of them is intriguing in their own way—and after re-watching Captain America: Civil War a million times, we can't help but wish our favorite superheroes really existed. (Their TV and film versions, at least!)

Here, we've picked some of the male superheroes that we think would totally make the perfect partner—if only there were real. BRB, crying. 

Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America

Remember that time when he crashed and got frozen in ice for 70 years, and he astonoshingly wakes up in the 21st century without any clue where he is and what century it is—yet the first thing he still utters is that he had a date? Later on, he even visited old Peggy Carter and showed her how much he still loves her. Steve has got to be the most faithful, gentle, and chivalrous man a girl could ever ask for! Sigh, Captain America, sigh.



We all loved how Thor's love story with Jane made this god whole and more human than ever. She helped soften Thor's heart that was once as hard as his hammer, and turned Thor into the man-god that we now know and love. And after you've watched all the Thor films, you'll most probably agree that it's quite hard to resist falling head over heels with his charm, wit, and valiant character. 


Clark Kent a.k.a Superman

With his numerous powers, it may daunting to date the most powerful human being on Earth, but what's awesome is the fact that Clark Kent will always be one of the sweetest superheroes of all time. Remember the way how he willingly saved his life for Lois in the original Superman movies and was ready to do anything just for her? And c'mon, who wouldn't love to date someone as amazing as Superman? 


Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash

Before Grant Gustin took the role of The Flash on CW's television show, you were probably familiar with him, but you certainly didn't love him as much as you do now. Barry's a lot like Peter Parker—he's dorky and highly intellectual, but unlike Spider-Man, he can take you to places wherever you want to go in an instant without attracting attention. Imagine how convenient that'd be, especially when you live in a country like ours where heavy traffic follows you wherever you go! *wink*


Logan a.k.a. Wolverine

Yes, seeing a furious Logan can be quite frightening, but seeing an "in-love" Logan is something that will surprisingly melt your heart. He may appear as the brooding tough guy most of the time, but he's a true softie who's willing to go great lengths for his lady, even if it means risking his own life. 


Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man

Because have you seen how he treats her girlfriend like a princess and the way he willingly protects her at all cost?! Not to mention, his awkward yet cute personality, brilliant mind, and mad photog skills just make him a dreamboat boyfriend, agree?


Superheroes may be a complicated species, but that won't stop us from loving them as if they're our own! How about you? Which among the list is your fave superhero character that you wish to exist IRL? Share it with us in the comments below!


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