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The Six Fix: Must-Haves In Achieving Celeb-Standard, Instagrammable Travel Photos

The Six Fix: Must-Haves In Achieving Celeb-Standard, Instagrammable Travel Photos

Taking awesome travel photos is no longer just for fun; it’s a must! It seems that it’s not just enough to have fun, you have to post a photo and share it on Instagram or Facebook too! But have you ever wanted to take your vacation photos to the next level? Ever wonder how your favorite stars do it?

If you’re traveling this summer, here are some things you should bring with you that will help you get those Instagram-worthy photos!

So, what are you waiting for? Post those snaps and wait for the likes to come in.


1. Camera Tripod

Forget your selfie stick! Get yourself in the shot and at the same time, capture the beauty of the landscape by propping your camera on a tripod. Put it on timer mode or invest in a camera remote so you can happily click away. This is also perfect if you’re traveling in a group to make sure everyone’s included in the photo.

There are a lot of handy, collapsible tripods available that even come with its own drawstring bag so you can bring it with you easily.

2. Waterproof Makeup

Make sure you’re ready for your close-up no matter what by wearing waterproof (and sweatproof!) make-up. Choose a 24-hour liquid eyeliner and eyebrow liner for those perfect cat eyes that will last you throughout your swim or surf session.

Also, make sure your lips and cheeks are still rosy with a long lasting tint and that won’t wash off after you go for a dip!

3. Themed outfits

Take your #OOTDs to the next level by dressing based on the theme of the destination. Going to Santorini? Think white, flowy dresses. Morocco? Try long skirts in bright prints. Maybe you’re on your way to a safari? Pack outfits in muted colors like olive green, white and beige.

It also helps to research about the destination first and take inspiration from your favorite social media stars who have gone to the same place!

4. Cute swimwear

Swimwear from CesaPH 

It’s no longer enough to have just any ol’ swimwear, these days! Choose a pair that is not only comfortable but also stylish. Take note of the back details as well so that your shot still looks Instagram-worthy when you’re not facing the camera!

5. Functional (but still gorgeous!) footwear

Let’s face it; when traveling, especially when you’re doing lots of walking, comfy footwear is a top priority. But just because they feel good doesn’t mean you have to wear rubber shoes all the way!

Wear functional footwear that can take you places and still compliment your outfits. If you want to wear strappy sandals or flip flops, choose one with an ample amount of support. There are even brands of footwear, such as Fitflop, that are specifically engineered to provide proper cushioning on the feet.

If you’re going on an adventure, you might want to consider getting waterproof shoes or pairs that are designed to dry up easily so that you won’t have to worry about getting soggy feet when you step on a puddle or cross a river. You know those popular Native shoes with tiny holes in them? Yup, they serve a purpose as they allow for excess water to trickle out instead of trapping them inside!

6. The ultimate accessory: your smile!

At the end of the day, you can have the best clothes, gear, and accessories but if you’re not having fun, it shows in the photos. Enjoy your vacation, have fun and keep it light. Make beautiful memories with your family and friends and, oh yeah, try your best not to overthink your feed!

Sheena Sy-Gonzales is an illustrator and travel writer. She loves sharing her adventures on her travel blog Follow her on Instagram @sheenalovessunsets.




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