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In Focus: Throwback Thursday Time! Whatever Happened To Our Favorite Childhood Snacks?

In Focus: Throwback Thursday Time! Whatever Happened To Our Favorite Childhood Snacks?



Are there any snacks you loved as a child that you can't find anywhere anymore? Sometimes, life hits you with food nostalgia—you suddenly crave for your favorite munchies, but then you realize they're too damn hard to find now! This #ThrowbackThursday, let's take a trip down memory lane as we try to find the childhood snacks that we've all been missing dearly:


E-Aji Chips and Dip

This snack concept was a huge hit because you get chips and the dip in one package. There's the staple nacho chips and "fries" with choices of dips like salsa, mayo BBQ, and cheddar cheese. Darn, we can't help but drool just by thinking of it! We miss it a lot. Sigh.


Tini Wini Cookies

Remember the Tini Wini commercial where a girl put a cookie on her forehead and then started twitching her face, just so it could eat it without using her hands? That commercial became so popular back then it even spawned a children's party game. Just recently, people tried looking for an image of this extinct cookie and, for once, the Internet failed us. This snack is nowhere to be found now, but people say that it was just rebranded and repackaged as Sumo cookies. Could it be that they're the same? After all, both cookies are produced by the same manufacturer, Monde!


Cubee Wafer Snacks

Before we could afford to do Oreo's "twist it, lick it, and dunk it," we've been doing the same thing with our Cubee wafers. With a choice between chocolate or vanilla fillings, everyone enjoyed this—we bet even our parents ate this when we weren't looking! Plus, the Clueless-inspired (yes, the movie!) packaging makes the nostalgia attack even more intense!


La-La Chocolate

Talk about riding the wave and staying strong in the industry. La-La Chocolate is still available in the market and in groceries, and it has evolved—it's now available in ube flavor, too! The current packaging offers bite-sized pieces, but nothing beats the original packaging and the thrill of cutting it perfectly. Oh, the mini-victories this candy made us feel!


Nooda Crunch

Nooda Crunch is a crispy noodle snack, with cheese or BBQ-flavored powder that is purposely bought and meant to be eaten as is—yes, without cooking. We're not too sure, but this may or may not have caused a UTI "epidemic" back in grade school as everyone bought and ate it during recess. But can they blame us? It's that good! People say that these are still available in convenience stores, but like rare Pokemon, we can't find any of it! HELP!


Did we miss anything? Comment below what childhood snacks you've been craving lately!


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Banner photograph by Minty Day's Flickr.




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