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The Six Fix: How To Be A Pro At Ordering Fast Food

The Six Fix: How To Be A Pro At Ordering Fast Food



For students, fast food restaurants are the saving grace of our flailing wallets (a.k.a. when we splurge on the first few days of the week and have to struggle for the remaining days 'til we get our next allowance). It's quick, convenient, and super affordable; plus, it's enough to fill you up for the whole day, and it's actually good!

Eating fast food everyday for four years has taught me a thing or two about maximizing my money's worth. Fast food may be cheap, but you should also get what you pay for. So here are a few tips to fully enjoy your fast food meals!

Order fries with "no salt, please." I'm sure, like me, you hate fries that taste like yesterday! To avoid mushy and sad potatoes, and to make sure that the fries you order will be fresh AF, request for fries without salt. Because they automatically put salt in all of their fries, they'll be forced to cook your "special order" without asking you to pay more. Goodbye sad fries, hello fresh fries!


Show 'em the receipt for a free coffee refill. They say that coffee isn't just coffee; it's a hug in a cup—and we agree! It pains me to know that not everyone is aware that you get a free refill at Mcdonald's when you order a large cup of hot coffee. Just present your receipt and, voila, another serving of a warm hug for your soul!


Spaghetti with extra spaghetti sauce. Ever gotten a pathetic-looking spaghetti meal with sauce that looks as if they just scraped it from the bottom of a pan? Don't settle for less—just ask the cashier to put more sauce in the meal as you order. Pretty soon, you'll be in red sauce heaven!


Drinks, please, no ice. This one is the most popular and "subtle" fast food hack. You ask the one taking your order to remove the ice in your drink so that it will be pure soda, or juice drink goodness—no tabang pangamba when you've left it for awhile, it will still be as refreshing as December air when you come back!


An order of cheeseburger, with extra pickles. If you share the same love for pickles as me then this one is for you! You can kindly ask the cashier for an extra pickle or two on your cheeseburger. This adds a little extra sour kick that pickle lovers crave for! Mm-hmm!


Say everything with a smile. This isn't really a hack, but more of a gentle reminder that you should always be kind to those who work in fast food restaurants—a smile goes a long way especially for people who've toiled long hours at work. Say everything with a smile and be courteous at all times—if they like you enough, they just might add a little extra serving on your orders. More fries, drinks, or condiments! So always remember to be kind!


Do you have any personal hacks that you've tried using in fast food restaurants? School us and tell us in the comments below—we'd love to hear them!

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