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In Focus: Meet The K-Artist Counterparts Of Our Fave Pinoy Celebs!

In Focus: Meet The K-Artist Counterparts Of Our Fave Pinoy Celebs!



Are you as much a fan of K-dramas as we are? If yes, have you ever watched one or looked at your favorite K-pop idol and thought, "Hey, that person looks really familiar!” or “That person reminds me of someone!” Guess what, you're not alone! With Pinoy celebrities turning more and more heads here and abroad, it's highly likely that they'll have at least one doppelganger from other parts of the world. So, we've rounded up some of our fave K-artists who look like carbon copies of Pinoy stars that'll leave you second-guessing who's who!


1. Kim Soo Hyun and Richard Juan

If there's one person who can top this list, it'll be none other than Chalk's very own Bright Young Manila alumnus, Richard Juan, and his doppelganger Kim Soo Hyun of the famed My Love from the Star series. Okay, technically, Richard is Chinese, but he's always declared that he has "Pusong Pinoy!" Because of their astonishing resemblance, people have started branding Richard as "the country's Kim Soo Hyun." Well, we can't argue with that! He's definitely just as adorbs as Soo Hyun! Actually, we can't wait for Richard to star in his own series. Maybe next time, Koreans will tell Soo Hyun "he's the Richard Juan of the Philippines?" Hah!

2. Jun Ji Hyun and Lisette Bendicion 

Lisette Bendicion is a 21-year-old rising model who's been causing quite a stir on social media because of her striking similarities with one of the hottest actresses in Korea—Jun Ji Hyun. The My Love from the Star actress and Fil-Chi beauty could easily pass as twins, don't ya think? 

3. Liza Soberano and Nancy McDonie

Liza Soberano's Filipino fans have found her lookalike in newbie Korean girl group Momoland! Member Nancy McDonie, who also has mixed lineage like Liza, can definitely pass as a sister to the Kapamilya star. They're both exceptionally pretty, plus they have similar eyes and smiles! 

4.  Sue Ramirez and Lisa Manoban

With the same kind of hairstyle and the same deep set eyes, Blackpink's Lisa and Kapamilya actress Sue Ramirez do share a likeness. Fun fact: Lisa actually hails from Thailand, but is a member of the rookie YG Entertainment girl group. So does that mean Sue can pass as a Korean idol, too? We think so!

5.  Gretchen Ho and Park Bo Gum

We're not sure if some of you have already noticed this, but we kind of see Korean actor Park Bo Gum whenever we look at Gretchen Ho! Maybe this Love in the Moonlight star and charming Fil-Chi host were siblings in their past lives?

Do you agree with these side-by-side comparisons? Which other foreign artists and Filipino celebrities do you think resemble each other the most? Let us know in the comments!


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Photographs from You Who Came From the Stars (Kim Soo Hyun), Richard Juan's Instagram account (Richard Juan), (Jeon Ji Hyun), Lisette Bendicion's Instagram account, Soompi (Lee Young Ae), Amino Apps (Lisa Manoban), Sue Ramirez's Instagram, Gretchen Ho's Instagram, Park Bo Gum's Instagram. 




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