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Hot Stuff: Summer's 'Saklap' Stories—Showbiz Romances That Lost Its Fire This Hot Season

Hot Stuff: Summer's 'Saklap' Stories—Showbiz Romances That Lost Its Fire This Hot Season

Who hasn't heard about the "summer fling," where fresh hearts ablaze give summer that warm glow, sometimes making way for something that lasts? What's less talked about, however, is the more poignant summer split, where relationships simply burn to ashes badly or in some cases find a fork in the road for two bright flames to go and light their own separate ways. This current summer has seen a couple of couples part ways unexpectedly and while we wish them well in all the choices they make we can't help but wince about them coming apart. As the old song goes, "Breaking up is hard to do" and it's all the more ironic when the sun is shining brightly during these dark and dreary moments.


Robi Domingo and Gretchen Ho - They were the ultimate media power couple, a morning show TV host and former Ateneo Lady Eagle, and a charming and dapper entertainment TV host and MYX VJ crossed paths amidst living very busy schedules. Robi and Gretchen paired up and they made an impressive match. We're not exactly sure at which exact point Robi and Gretchen parted ways during summer's early days but we do know they announced their mutual decision to break up last March.  


?? #ABSCBNChristmasSpecial

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The reason the couple issued was due to not having enough time for one another amidst their careers. Robi and Gretchen are civil and prepared to encounter one another still and say they still have doors open in the future for each other. We're not quite sure how their hearts are at the moment, but we do know two days ago that Robi took the time to play the romantic theme "Beautiful" from the Koreanovela series airing tonight on primetime, Goblin.


Belonging in one network, the two still do cross paths. We could only wish they can recover fast from all those post-split teasing and needling courtesy of some of their celebrity friends.

Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida

Former reigning PBB sweethearts, Filipino-American Tommy Esguerra and Japan-raised single mom Filipina Miho Nishida, endearingly called "Tomiho" by their fans, called it quits publicly late last April, just a little over a year after getting together. They were well-loved as a couple by many and a good majority were affected last April when news of their split suddenly bled across the internet.

We look back briefly at January last 2016 when Tommy asked Miho on It's Showtime, with Vice Ganda hosting the segment if he could talk to Miho and right there he asked her to be his girlfriend. ToMiho fans went wild, to say the least and it was a particularly touching moment to witness. Real guys like Tommy don't hesitate to ask to take the stage for what matters and this act moved lots of hearts that day, once upon a time at least.  

Just a few days ago Miho addressed a tweet to their distraught "ToMiho" fans and thanked them for their continued support. Many, many fans sent Miho words of encouragement and love. 



Tommy, earlier on when the breakup was fresh also tweeted his own statement. A lot of fans replied disappointed, some hurt, some angry, and some suspicious, but there was also the lot that were still hopeful for a second chance for ToMiho.



Vina Morales and Marc Lambert 

This sad news is much more recent, just when many were hoping she'd finally found a fella' to settle down with beautiful Kapamilya singer and actress, Vina Morales, just broke up with French boyfriend, Marc Lambert after having been together for about two years. Vina has an 8 year-old daughter, Ceana Lee, with former boyfriend Cedric Lee. In 2014, she said on now defunct show Aquino & Abunda "Mahirap kasi magseryoso ng hindi ka pa sure..." At the time, during that interview, she admitted that at her age something more serious is what she preferred instead of counting off how many she can randomly date, especially when considering that she has a daughter to think of.


#MloveV #touristday Turista si dodong ug si Inday today ????

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Vina and now former boyfriend Marc used to enjoy traveling together, and in the end it was the distance that took its toll on their relationship.  Insert melody of Snow Patrol's angsty long-distance track "New York" right here. We connect all the feels of this track even if Marc was actually based in Geneva.


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Vina Morales' public statement on the reason behind the breakup was released by columninst Dolly Ann Carvajal with "After two years together, I have decided to end my relationship with Marc. We, however, remain friends. The physical distance has taken a toll on our relationship. Being together in one place is a sacrifice that we aren’t yet ready to make, because of our respective obligations." 


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