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Hot Stuff: Birthday Girls And Beshies Maymay Entrata And Kisses Delavin On A Fashion Face-Off!

Hot Stuff: Birthday Girls And Beshies Maymay Entrata And Kisses Delavin On A Fashion Face-Off!

Great minds think alike as beshies Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin certainly show. The two PBB princesses seem to gravitate towards similar styles when it comes to their OOTDs, both making heads turn for each outfit's cop-worthy value. In the spirit of friendly competition, we put the young stars head-to-head to see who pulled off a certain look better: Maymay or Kisses? Shall we examine?  



Flirty florals can exude a fun vibe for females who factor them into their fashion finds. Maymay opts for bold, tropical hues to accentuate her dusky beauty while Kisses complements her porcelain features with a punchy pastel take on the print. 


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Opting for a neutral palette can be a refreshing alternative that is both clean and sleek. Going for a basic color scheme definitely isn't boring, as seen in these looks of Maymay and Kisses. Both incorporated volume into their outfits, with Maymay donning a flowy pair of pants offset by a sleek white top and Kisses slipping on a ruffly crop top paired with crisp pair of bell-bottoms. 


The shade can mean many things: it is considered the color of love (and liking on Instagram) and passion. It is undeniably bold and definitive, a color wielded by women who want to make a punctuation point in their sartorial statements. Here, both Kisses and Maymay temper the fiery hue with the purity of white. Kisses gives a fresh take on a catholic school girl outfit with a red pleated skirt and a shoulder baring top. Maymay accentuates her willowy frame with a white blouse with a front drape detail and red cigarette pants.


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Blue has the power to soothe your spirits and calm frazzled nerves, making a statement without being brash. Maymay opts for the fluidity of this navy frock while Kisses keeps it structured in a form-fitting cobalt blue skater dress. 


There is something so aesthetically pleasing about immaculate white. For formal wear, white makes things chic and simple, an easy way to add a dash of subtle glamour to your evening wear. The addition of texture to your ensemble keeps your outfit from falling flat. Maymay opts of a swirls of pattered beads in her bodice as a counterpoint to the straight A-line cut of her gown. The serpentine lines of Kisses' gown are carefully accentuated with feathery details for an ethereal finish. 


Pink is proving to have a reach and staying power unusual for your average run-of-the-mill color trend. It is found everywhere in varying intensities, each sending a different statement according to the chosen hue. Maymay goes loud and proud in a vibrant bubblegum pink off-shoulder array while Kisses keeps a strapless frock demure with whisper soft shades of blush.


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