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The Six Fix: Things People Who Grew Up With Really Strict Parents Can Relate To

The Six Fix: Things People Who Grew Up With Really Strict Parents Can Relate To



From unreasonable curfews to sleepover bans, living with strict parents is an everyday struggle. While you may feel like you're the only one among your girlfriends who have overly strict parents, rest assured that you're not alone. Just like you, we know how it feels like. We might not have the answers on how you can change your parents, but we can share this emotional frustration together—so here are six things that people with really strict parents can relate to!


1. Spontaneous lakads with friends are almost impossible. 

You know it won’t be easy to convince your parents to go out with your friends, because it literally takes them 2-3 business days to decide whether or not they’ll allow you to go out of the house or not. Want to hang out with your friends at the mall after class? Sorry, no can do. Talk about FOMO!

2. You end up in open-mouthed shock each time you hear that it's totally normal for your friends to have sleepovers with their significant others. 

Seriously, where in the world do they even find the nerve to ask their parents' permission to do that when the word "sleepover" doesn't even exist in your parents' vocabulary?! In fact, you've never ever gone on a sleepover, even if it's your girlfriends, because your parents just. won't. let. you. The compromise? Your place is usually where sleepovers are held because that's the only way you can bond with your friends overnight. 

3. You're not allowed to date or have a boyfriend until you graduate from college. Period.

Aside from not being allowed to date, you also have to let your parents meet every guy friend that you frequently hang out with (even if it's not a date!) lest they assume that you're going behind their back.

4. One missed call from your parents is just as scary as that One Missed Call movie.

If you weren't able to answer their call the first time, better call 'em back as soon as possible and start explaining yourself. Missed more calls? Good luck—your parents are probably assuming that you're doing a very “bad thing” with “that one friend of yours” they knew was going to be a bad influence. To be safe, make sure you have enough evidence prepared to prove your innocence as you go home.

5. You're always the first person in a party who has to leave.

You’ve mastered the art of making excuses for when you have to leave early (even if everyone just started to hang out!), because you know if you parents start to hunt you, there's a likely possibility that you'll be grounded for life.

6. That agonizing feeling when you have to explain why your schedule keeps changing.

You find yourself in a panic when your friends keep changing their plans, and you have to explain to your parents for the nth time what you guys are really up to. Isn't it just frustrating when a friend continues to change plans like it's no big deal? Sigh. They just don't understand!

Do you have any other experiences that didn't make it to our list? We'd love to know about it! Share your stories in the comments section below!


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