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In Focus: The Perks Of Having A Single Mom

In Focus: The Perks Of Having A Single Mom



Mothers will remain mothers even without a partner. That is a label that nobody can take away from them—married or single. Like a lioness, she will do everything to protect her cubs. And like a mama bird, she will let her babies fly when the time comes for them to spread their wings. She will do everything she can to make sure that her children will flourish in any path that they choose.

In light of Senator Tito Sotto's outrageous comments last week regarding women with children out of wedlock, and with Mother's Day coming up, we at Chalk couldn't have found any more fitting time than now to honor all the single moms out there! There are indeed lots to love about being in a single-parent household–and here's to all those whose awesome moms need not be mocked for the way they choose to raise their fam! Salute!


No ping-pong decision making. Whenever you want to hangout with your barkada, there's only one person that can decide your night out's fate—it's a simple yes or no. The decision is firm and quick. If she says no, well, at least the disapproval (and disappointment you're bound to feel after) comes swiftly!

You have an independent role model. We all look up to the parent that is present during our formative years. And seeing your mom striving to make ends meet and growing up with that image will give you the best role model you could ever have. She will help and inspire you to become just like her—maybe an even better version of her—when you grow older.

Your mom is your BFF. Having just one parent actually strengthens the child-parent bond. There are less secrets in the household making it a healthier environment for everyone. You'll bond over the smartest and dumbest things, especially if you and your mom are close in age. Instant BFF!

You learn to mature earlier than most. Even if your mom is not forcing you to, having a single parent and seeing her daily struggles as a one-woman team will make you decide to man/woman up and be there for her—be the companion and partner that she needs. In the process, you'll be maturing without even noticing it and your mom will definitely appreciate that you're giving her less of a headache because you already have an adult world view.

You learn to be careful when it comes to picking a partner. It doesn't matter how your mom became a single parent, but seeing your her struggles as a single parent will make you reflect and teach you to be more responsible when picking the partner you'd want to spend your life with.

So, yes, always remember that there's nothing wrong if you came from a single-parent household. You are loved and your mom does not become a lesser person if she chooses to raise you independently! If other people say otherwise, do not listen to them. Ever.


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