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Lifestyle Hotshots: Photographer Thomas Caja Schools Us On Being Legit #FeedGoals

Lifestyle Hotshots: Photographer Thomas Caja Schools Us On Being Legit #FeedGoals

While there are those who cheat their way through #feedgoals status, special thanks to filters and Photowonder, photographer Thomas Caja sets himself apart by only posting what and when his heart tells him to. It’s no wonder he's 24.6k followers strong on Instagram, and Escape Journal, his blog together with fiancée Kimi Juan, is one of the most visited online photo journals by millennials in the Philippines today. 

“I never post a photo that I am half-hearted with. First thing I do is I look for a photo that I took that speaks to me at that moment, and then I edit that photo,” he shares. “Then I leave it for a few minutes then look back at it to see if I want to change something. If I feel like I still don't like the photo, I stop editing and then edit again the next day.”

How millennial are you and why?

“I am definitely born in the millennial era, but I don't think I pick up too much on trends, I try to do my own thing.”

How do you counter the myth about millennials being too entitled?

“Every millennial is different. Just because one millennial is like that, doesn't mean that all millennials are like that. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses.”

How did you get started with using social media or IG in your projects/advocacies?

“I think as long as you post things that you believe in, you will be able to get the word out in the end. People know when you've posted something genuine and important.”

As a millennial, we’re feeling you still want to have more in life. What else do you dream of doing in the future despite juggling a lot of stuff now?

“I've always dreamt of owning my own hobby shop. Ever since, I've been into remote controlled cars and mini 4wd cars. A Tamiya hobby shop to be exact. I really enjoy building them and racing them.”

What was your greatest social media/online moment like?

“The moment I was able to make a career out of social media, that was the greatest moment. Traveling the world, sharing photographs, and earning at the same time is really great.”

What do you think is your most ‘exciting’ post? Which one receives the most likes?

“Definitely my engagement post, where I was holding the hand of my partner with the ring on her finger.”

If you were to create your own hashtag, what would that be and why?

“I would use the hashtag #RAKENROL. I really enjoy using that word everyday wherever I am. For me, saying RAKENROL in every situation just means like ‘go lang’ or ‘game lang.’”

What are your mid-summer plans?

“I don't like making travel plans, because usually anything happens spontaneously especially when it's travel-related.”

Any dream destination and why?

“Hawaii! It's one of the most beautiful places in the world, we really love the aesthetic of the place.”

Ideal summer escapade and why?

“I would choose Palawan. I've been wanting to go back and experience the place again. Palawan is amazing, the waters and the marine life, as well as their beaches. It's perfect.”

Ideal summer date and why?

“Anytime I am with my fiancée. I'll take her to a nice trip to the beach, something romantic.”

How do you maintain your bod during the summer?

“I just try my best to stay active, play basketball, and just keep moving around. I never stay at home.”

Fave workout?

“Push and planks, the best. Gets you pumped.”

Most recommended diet?

“I don't usually diet but I try my best to eat clean and I don’t stop myself from eating sweets or junk food.”

Your most effective gwapo trick?

“Always keep it clean and simple. Wear a nice watch, get a haircut, keep it classy.”

Your most effective trick to get the girl?

“I don't do tricks, but I know that if a guy truly respects and values the girl, the girl will see that and he will get her. No tricks, just honesty.”


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Produced by The @ABSCBNLifestyle Team (Katrina Angco, Julia Arenas, Duey Guison, Angela Sy, Mels Timan, & Barry Viloria) | Cinematography Jana Jimenez with Gio Vibar | Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Grooming by Raf Bardon, Johnson Estrella, and Ryan Wong of MAC Cosmetics | Styling by JM Gumatay, Shaira Mariel Habon, and Carl Pabilona of @TheStylistCrewPH | Hairstyling: @VivereSalon

Shot on location at: I’m Hotel 7862 Makati Ave, Makati City

Special Thanks to: Melissa Lim of @IMhotelPH | Gabs Azarcon and Vanessa Vergara of @MacCosmetics | Arvin Amaro of @VivereSalon




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