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Daily Diaries: Why You Should Make Saying 'I Love You' To Your Mom A Habit

Daily Diaries: Why You Should Make Saying 'I Love You' To Your Mom A Habit



When we were younger, our mom was the best mom in the world—she would comfort us whenever we would fall down and get bruised, she would buy us all the best toys and books, and we would run to her every time we got stars from our teachers in school, if only to see her eyes shining with pride. But as we got older, our mom slowly turned into our worst enemy—she would force us to eat, sleep or study, and would always nag about anything and everything. We may or may have not ended up hating her for it, but it was in that process that she became our very first best friend—even if we couldn't see it back then.

"I love you, Mom." These four words should be the easiest thing a child could say to their mom, because our parents are the only people in this world that we don't have to "fall in love with" in order to say that we genuinely love them. And we also don't have the need to ever gain their love, because we know that love is the most natural thing a mom will ever feel for her child.

But somehow, the world changed and we found it really hard to say to our parents what we truly feel. Maybe it's the divide technology caused, because now we never really care about the people around us whenever we're in our own little social world. But "I love you, mom," is something we should say as often as possible, just because she deserves to hear how we feel about her.

They say that it only takes 21 days to develop a habit and 21 days to break it—that's just three weeks of your life, and you would be devoting just a little under a month to develop the habit of saying those three easy words that will make you mom's heart burst with happiness whenever you'll say it. Here are five reasons why you need to make saying "I love you" to your mom a habit that you shouldn't break-ever!


1. Because she deserves to know. After all the sacrifices she's done for us, she has the right to know that we appreciate all those that she does, even the littlest things. Everyone secretly wants to feel appreciated. Tell mom you love her; it might be the validation she's been looking for all day. A proof that she has done something right and that she should be proud of herself because she's the best mom in the world!

2. Because you should cherish all moments with her. We should carpe the hell out of the diem when it comes to being with mom. Tell her every single time you have the opportunity that you love her. It's better to say "I've said it too much" than "Why didn't I say it enough?" No one should regret loving the person who almost died for us just to bring us to this world.

3. Because you should say it even if you don't feel like it. There will come a time in your and your mom's life that you'll have to do things for her even if you don't feel like it. She'll be in a place in her life where she'll need you more than ever, and saying "I love you" will make her feel that she still has someone she can run to—and this time around, you're the ones who'll be comforting her.

4. Because that's what you feel. Make it a habit by saying it out of nowhere. Say it in the morning, say it before leaving the house, say it in the middle of the day. If you feel like you want to say it, tell her. We don't know when's the last time we'll have the chance to express what we feel, so take advantage of the fact that technology has made it easier for us to communicate to one another. Don't be afraid to tell her you love her, because she'll say it back to you and you'll know that it's the truth.

5. Because you should. Saying I love you can be a sign of gratitude. Every day we see our moms doing everything for us—we see them as superwomen maybe because that's what they want us to see, but every superhero has a human alter-ego where they reveal their weaknesses. Tell her you love her. Who knows? Maybe that's her source of power and at the same time, her kryptonite.

Now, put your phone down, walk into her room, give her a big fat hug, and tell her what you really feel. And if mom's not with you, pick up that phone, call her, and say "I love you." Three simple words that can make someone's world complete every single time. Love your mom harder than you've ever loved her before, and seize every moment while you still can.


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