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In Focus: 5 Types Of Student Commuters You Meet On The Jeep Everyday

In Focus: 5 Types Of Student Commuters You Meet On The Jeep Everyday



Commuting to school. Commuting home. Commuting everday. Ah, the dread. If teleportation were real, we would have sold our souls just to avoid this thing called public transportation.

Alternative ride-sharing services like Uber and Grab have become a popular and more convenient mode of transpo in recent years. In all honesty, though, given our tight allowance, we can only really afford to splurge on pamasahe going home a few times a week. Thus, the "best" option: Riding the jeepney. It may not always be fun, but who said we can't make it entertaining enough for us? Meeting different strangers with the amusing personalities, we always find a good commuting story to tell our friends and parents any day. Here, we break down each student commuter personality we usually come across with!


The Windstriker

She's got long hair and she don't care—the wind will blow her tresses onto your face and even if you try to avoid it, she'll keep on moving so you can get a taste of her smog-smeared crowning glory. In your head you'll be screaming, "Ate, tama na! Busog na ako!"

The Gifted

When you ride a jam-packed jeepney, you'll always encounter an annoying dude sitting spread-eagled, oblivious to how much he's taking more space than usual. Oh, if only you can whisper, "Bro, we know you don't pack that much down there, so do yourself a favor by scooting over!"

The Lovers in Public

These are couples who will make your (single) self feel so uncomfortable you'll regret ever riding the same jeepney as them. They cling to each other for dear life, like they're passing through a tornado. Their PDA moments? Sigh... your inner tita just wants to scream, “Hoy! Aral muna bago landi!"

The Umalohokan

Then there's the group of passengers talking to one another like townsman criers. They talk so loudly (even if they're just seated beside each other!) that, pretty soon, everyone is contemplating inside their heads whether or not to kick them off the jeep. "Who are you? We don't want to know everything about you. We're not interested!" If you want some real peace for yourself, go whip out your earphones–stat!

The Upong 3.50

And, of course, the victim of "Siyaman 'yan! Kaliwa-kanan! Walo palang kayo!" Poor thing shoulda known better–it's all a lie. (In most cases, there's no more space even for an ass crack.) Poor thing could be anyone anyday. Poor thing could also be you again tomorrow.

Do you know other types of student commuters you've encountered? Share us your stories here!


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