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In Focus: 5 BTS Non-Comeback Singles You Should Listen To

In Focus: 5 BTS Non-Comeback Singles You Should Listen To


By Sandra Park


Are you ready to see BTS in a few hours? We all know, at this very moment, you're already cleaning your ARMY bombs, mastering the fanchants, and psyching yourselves up by listening to the concert playlist. Episode III: The WINGS Tour, which is scheduled to happen this Saturday and Sunday at the MOA Arena, is the finale of BTS’ concert trilogy, which began in 2014 with Episode II: The Red Bullet.

But before you troop down to the Arena (or as you're waiting in line, even), let Chalk give you five gems that are the non-single BTS songs you should listen to. They may not have been comeback songs, but we know a true BTS fan would know that these songs are just as good as all the others! Fangirl tip: Listen to the songs while reading the English translations for the optimum feels.

"Silver Spoon"
Coming from a small company, BTS spent their early years being labeled as “baebsae,” a Korean word for a “wannabe.” It’s a stigma they've lived with, but one they've been able to shatter completely over the years, especially after coming back with "I Need You." Gaining more and more followers with every album, BTS has grown from being the underdogs of the K-pop industry to being the top-selling and record-breaking global phenomenon they are now. Fun fact: They sang this during their Epilogue concert in Manila—maybe we'll hear it again tonight? Feel the boys’ sarcasm and angst, while nodding your head to the beat of this powerful hip-hop track.

"Let Me Know"
Written and produced by Suga, this heart-wrenching ballad about a romance that has ended will tear your heart to shreds. This song will hook you from its first note, lure you in with a deep, melancholic falsetto, and soon enough, you’ll be drowning in the slow yet rhythmic beats. This track also exemplifies Suga’s sharp skills in composing and writing music which has steadily grown over the years. Other excellent examples would include “Tomorrow” and “Autumn Leaves.”


"2! 3! (Hoping for Better Days)"

One thing you have to know about BTS is that they are most grateful to their fans for all their success. “2! 3!” is a song they made specifically to thank ARMY (the name of their official fanbase) for their pouring love and support. BTS has always prided themselves with writing about stories and worries of the youth, and this song captures that perfectly. This song is an anthem about holding on to each other despite the sadness and pain life brings. Tip: They’ll be performing this tonight so prepare to sing along to it with all your heart!

"House of Cards (Full Length Edition)"
As much as BTS is a hip-hop ensemble, their vocalists also don't fall short in demonstrating their remarkable vocal prowess. “House of Cards” paints the story of a passionate love against a pitch black surface. Let Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook pull your heartstrings with their fragile, but soaring notes, and let the sadness and pain unravel within you slowly but surely.

"The Cypher Series"
Admittedly, with Cypher, you just can’t choose one. The unfolding series, which is currently composed of four epic songs spread across their albums, is something to sink your ears into whether or not you're a BTS fan. Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope, a.k.a. “The Holy Trinity” (as dubbed by fans), will give you a view of their deep understanding of hip-hop. The three of them, having been underground rappers before they debuted, experienced the hardships of being underdogs—and this is their way of striking back at critics who dissed them for being sellouts when they transformed to idol rappers. BTS' Cyphers are always feisty, wild and sharp. Tip: Always jam to Cyphers like there's no tomorrow. Additional tip: Go listen to “Circle Room Cypher”, too, just for the heck of it!


Which other BTS songs should fans and non-fans alike give a listen to? Tell us in the comments and enjoy the concert tonight, ARMYs! It's going to be daebak!

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