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In Focus: 15 Things Only PUPians Would Understand

In Focus: 15 Things Only PUPians Would Understand




Most people who’ve heard of (or even tried to get accepted in) this university would know it as the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. But for alumni, students, and soon-to-be graduates of the first state U in the country, it's more than just that. From the different variations of this school's acronym to the literally nakaka-high and low moments that every PUPian has experienced, here are 15 things only our kapwa Isko and Iska would understand and relate to:


1. PUP—Pila Ulit Pila.Papasok kang nakapila, lalabas kang nakapila.” Literally, every. Single. Time. Enrollment, break time at the canteen, university programs at Bulwagang Balagtas, photocopying notes and other class requirements, graduation picture taking, getting your diploma, and of course, your actual graduation—name it, and nakapila pa rin. How familiar is, “‘Yung dulo ng pila, pababa na galing 6th floor!” to you? We see all hands raised. 

Pila para sa blockbuster na movie? Pila para sa pahalik ng Nazareno? Pila para sa concert? Hindi. Pila yan ng mga...

Posted by PUP Memes on Thursday, 6 April 2017


2. SIS. Here’s another PUP moniker—Pindot Ulit Pindot. Thanks to the very efficient Student Information System where students enroll online, countless fingers have raped the left mouse button just to secure another semester in school. #clickpamore

INcominG SENIOR Enrollees Be like*.* #PUPSIS #THEperks hahaa #onlineregistration

Posted by Zhyra Pepito Rosil on Thursday, 28 May 2015


3. Edukasyong Dose Pesos. At P12 per unit (roughly P200 per sem), PUP is able to produce top graduates from all over the Philippines without holing your parents' pockets. Your first salary from your first job? Bawing-bawi kaagad.

Average tuition and miscellaneous fees in PUP (4 years): P8,000-P12,000 Average monthly salary of newly employed fresh graduates: P12,000-P16,000 #EdukasyongDOSEpesosBitch

Posted by PUP Memes on Wednesday, 9 March 2016


4. Riding a patok. If you think buses in the Commonwealth area are the only public vehicles who drive full-speed, think again. In PUP, byaheng-langit jeepneys called patok are your saviors whenever you’re running late for class.

ansabeee ng mga HOT CARS nio... sa mga PATOK JEEP na to! :D RACING PA DRE? credits to the owner of this photo Mr. Gabriel Joseph Finuliar Mangaser -RED

Posted by PUP Plankers on Sunday, 22 January 2012


5. The PNR struggle. Find the MRT too packed and one hell of  a ride? That's an understatement for PNR-student hitchers. While it’s the cheapest way of going to school, you have to fight your way in and sustain your energy until you arrive at Sta. Mesa station. If you want to survive the everyday MRT commute after graduation, practice riding the PNR. This is where a true mandirigma is made.

Hi sa mga PUPian na mandirigma rin ng PNR. Meron ka bang memorable PNR experience? Ishare mo na yan. :3

Posted by Buhay PUP on Wednesday, 22 June 2016


6. Teresa. As they say, you got it all at Teresa—the street is lined with computer shops for research (and DOTA or COC, heh), printing and photocopying services, food and PUP merch stalls, tusok-tusok and ihawan, and more. Need anything? It's all here!


Ano ang paborito niyong kainan, tambayan o dotahan sa Teresa?

Posted by PUP Memes on Monday, 11 May 2015


7. The never ending debate on that tower. As a freshie, how many times have you argued with friends whether the spaceship-shaped tower near NALLRC or the Main Library is Kokey’s? (Or an alien’s spaceship, or whatever else you think it might be.) Years later (probably when you're in senior year), you'll finally learn that it's actually a water tank.

Photo by Kristine Castillo De Leon

Posted by Buhay PUP on Monday, 5 December 2016


8. The Dome. Because you can’t ride the one and only elevator in the main building, and the stairs are too tiring to climb, the dome is your best bet. Until you realize you can’t recognize which floor/wing you are in after circling around it a number of times. Uh-oh.

Bakit nga ba maraming naliligaw kapag dumadaan sa dome?

Posted by PUP Memes on Saturday, 16 May 2015


9. The Great Wall. Also known as the "Intramuros of PUP," where the then North- and West-wing food stalls complemented the “scenic” lagoon view.

Posted by PUP Memes on Wednesday, 7 December 2016


10. Aircon? Only in your wildest dreams. Electric fans? Few and far in between. Instant sauna every class, anyone?

Summer na naman mga beh. We need...

Posted by PUP Memes on Wednesday, 4 March 2015


11. Unli Lugaw, FEWA, Submarine, atbpFor just eight pesos, your tummy will be satisfied with a bowl of yummy lugaw. FEWA, on the other hand, is a PUPian favorite—it's a yummy Footlong-Egg Wrap Around (do you get it now?) with veggies and condiments, sandwiched in a footlong bun, best cooked by the one and only Glaiza. (Oh, if you're a cute guy from CEA, expect a bit of flirting to come your way, too!) But if you’re famished and looking for something unique for lunch, skip the student meals and order the Submarine, a beef dish with a spicy kick topped on rice, instead.

Ang hirap.

Posted by PUP Memes on Tuesday, 28 June 2016


12. Virgin’s shake. It's too bad for new PUPians because they won't get to sample the best tasting shake in the U anymore—the shake made by Ate Virgin. But you can still satisfy your thirst with bestselling flavors like Tiramisu or coffee-cheese/oreo-cheese flavors from other stalls, now located at the Lagoon.

Naalala niyo pa ba siya??? (c) PUP Stolen Shots

Posted by PUP Memes on Wednesday, 6 May 2015


13. PUP Memes, Professors of PUP, PUP Crushes, Ted Pylon, PUP Confessions. Your go-to Facebook source for all things PUPian. We know you love the admins!

Posted by PUP Memes on Wednesday, 30 November 2016


14. “Kayo yung nagsusunog ng upuan, di ba?” Is the first thing we're sure people would ask if you tell them you’re from PUP. It was 4 years ago, jeez, let's get over it!

15.  Pamantasang Utak ang Puhunan.  The question above may be annoying, but we're sure new visitors would follow up quickly with, “Oh, taga-PUP ka? E di matalino ka?” If anything, it’s every PUPian’s pride. Quoting the PUP Hymn, “Kami ay dumating nang salat sa yaman,” ngunit, “Gagamitin ang karunungan, mula sa iyo, para sa bayan.


What are your fondest memories of PUP? Tell us in the comments below!

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Banner photograph from Buhay PUP. Original photo by Rachelle Sagum.




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