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In Focus: From Tweens To Titos—Here's Why The Hanson Brothers Are Total #SquadGoals

In Focus: From Tweens To Titos—Here's Why The Hanson Brothers Are Total #SquadGoals

May 7, 1997. 90s kids will remember this as the day when pop rock band Hanson launched their studio debut Middle of Nowhere. Then-tweens Isaac, Taylor, and Zac instantly flew up with the album's catchy pick-me-up single "Mmmbop" taking over the waves. The same album would reap several awards, including Nickelodeon's Kids Choice and MTV Europe Music Awards in 1998.

It's been 20 years since. The Hanson brothers have since produced 5 studio albums, done over a thousand shows including a concert in Manila and Cebu in 2012, and married and bore at least three kids each. They also manage their own  recording company now.  At 36, 34, and 31, respectively, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac have all the way grown to sport dad bod and facial hair. Full-fledged titos, yes, they have become.


Revisiting the #sxsw baseball diamonds 23 years after our first visit #hanson25 @sxsw

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The Hanson brothers, tight-knit as they themselves are, also made sure their own fams bonded. The result: One happy, picture-perfect Hanson family!


Merry Christmas

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It don't get any better then this. Teaching kids about #fire and roasting #marshmallow.

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Beyond their music, these cool titos are also busy with their solo careers. Isaac, for example, is on a podcast show called The Grace Unknown. The show launched on July 8, 2016, where he talks "about life, love, loneliness and embracing a courageous future" in his show. Right now, Isaac's podcast is exclusive to members of their website

Zac, meanwhile, channels his inner Van Gogh through paintings and artworks. Fans have nothing but good words about his work!


Made this for a friend. Think she will like it?

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Just finished his painting really happy with the way it turned out.

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Taylor, who is the most active of the three in social media, is busy preparing the group for their Middle of Everywhere 25th anniversary tour. 


Great week at @sxsw good start for our journey to the #middleofeverywhere, #hanson25 #sxsw

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So, it's for real, the band is on the instagram train. Follow if you dare. @hanson

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90s kids, feeling old yet? For the Hanson fans who still can't get over how much Isaac, Taylor, and Zac have aged, well... Like, all things you can't change, you just gotta deal with it!


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Photographs from,, and Hanson's official Facebook page.




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