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Love Actually: Brent Javier And Janna Tee, Solid Teamwork With A Whole Lot Of Heart

Love Actually: Brent Javier And Janna Tee, Solid Teamwork With A Whole Lot Of Heart

They’re #feedgoals on Instagram, #relationshipgoals in real life, and #styleinspos for their unique brand of street style, yet what we’re totally digging about model couple Brent Javier and Janna Tee is how they like pushing their limits. Did you know that Brent was co-founder of one of the early frontrunners in style e-commerce in the country He has now ventured to the other side, as a full-on retail entrepreneur with a clothing and apparel store in BGC. Janna, on the other hand, has not only ventured into hosting (she’s Lifestyle’s resident Beauty Girl); she is also a licensed real estate stock broker!

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This weekend, we just saw another fruit of these two’s entrepreneurial spirits: FOX Tribes Summer Camp. The first of its kind in the country, this summer camp-slash-concert is a three-day event filled with fun and challenging games reminiscent of those from our childhood but with a modern twist. Celebrities and influencers flocked to Pradera Verde Wake Park in Pampanga to battle it out in games that tested their physical strength, wit, and diskarte like archery, frisbee, the SM Youth Eating Game, and the Andy Cola drinking game, among others. We witnessed for ourselves how much everybody had fun—and how Brent and Janna really made sure everything was smoothly running and everyone was having a good time (they were both camp counselors and game emcees as well, on top of being the organizers).

Brent and Janna in Canada, where the former is from, over the Christmas holiday.

“It was something that just started off as a dream. Honestly, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life—learned so much, it's a very humbling experience,” shares Brent. The couple had the vision of defying digital barriers and showing people just how much fun it is to make real connections via a summer camp setting. That, they successfully accomplished, along with a victory just as major: They didn’t fight over anything, despite all the pressure, sleepless nights, and can-we-really-make-this-happen moments. “I could not eat, I could not sleep throughout the entire thing—I’m actually very happy Brent and I didn’t fight. We had sungit days, hindi lang nagpapansinan, but no fighting,” recalls Janna.

The first night of the summer camp, after months of planning and organizing everything, they finally had the time to breathe. “We got to hang out with the camp members, have fun, be ourselves. It’s nice to connect with new people—relationships we built here over the weekend are not easy to make anymore in real life,” says Brent. “It’s nice to be able to break down walls and really connect with people.” Adds Janna, “We’re happy that people were really game. They went through with it even if it was so hot. It’s nice to see a different, more competitive side of our friends whom we get to hang with in a different setting in Manila.”

When asked for advice for couples who want to successfully work together, Brent jokingly notes, “Don’t do it!,” but we just know they both wouldn’t have had as fruitful an experience had they partnered with someone else instead of each other. “Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses; be patient. Both cannot be mad at the same time, it’s not gonna work,” says Janna. And Brent’s words of wisdom? “Even if you’re hurt or mad at each other, this is a business, so you still have to push through and get the job done.”

Oh the look of love!

Get the job done, and done well they did. The bonus? Rediscovering the person that they love from a different light. Janna says, “I really saw how very creative he is, no matter what he does.” And Brent now knows for sure he’s got one strong woman. “I haven’t ever really seen Janna be full-on into something. All the potential I knew she has finally came out. In times I was weak and I didn’t wanna think about Tribes anymore, she was there pushing and going.”


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