Hot Stuff: How OPPO F3 Will Help You Slay Your #Selfie And #Groufie Game

Hot Stuff: How OPPO F3 Will Help You Slay Your #Selfie And #Groufie Game

Let’s keep it real. You certainly wouldn’t mind getting a more than a little social media love for your selfies and groufies. But, how to make yours stand out from the sea of photos flooding the feed?

Luckily, tech giant OPPO came up with the F3, a phone built and designed for snapping that perfect shot. This sleek, sexy number is perfect for anyone looking to take their long armed portraits to the next level.

The best secret to taking a sensational selfie? You just need your awesome yourself. Yes, we all have our favorite angles, preferred lighting, and go-to editing apps, but it’s not called a fakie, folks. With a hefty 16-megapixel main camera, the OPPO F3 captures all the beautiful details that make you fabulous.

No man is an island and we all want to capture moments shared with friends and loved ones. But, when it comes to taking group shots, the struggle is always oh so real. In this scenario, two lenses are certainly better than one. Say goodbye to awkward barkada angles to fit everyone in with the F3’s 8MP Double View Camera sitting alongside the main one, allowing you to capture wider angles that includes everyone in the crew.

Night snaps with your group just got better! The F3’s 1/3" large sensor and f/2.4 aperture allows you to take vivid photos using the ambient light of the place that you are in. Your #squadOOTDs will look spectacular amidst the pulsating vibrance of an upscale nightclub or framed against the quiet flicker of candles in a swanky restaurant.

Raise your hands for a great selfie! Awkward placement of your elbows and hands can be distracting, especially when they’re protruding out of the corner of your selfie. Gone are the days of battling to click the camera button while struggling to hold a pose. The F3’s Palm Shutter function allows you to trigger the shutter with a simple hand gesture. All you need to do is prop up your phone on a steady surface before raising and closing your hand to activate the camera. Perfect for nailing a killer #handtoface pose.

Motion blur has always been the downfall of any great photo, with sweaty palms and bulky cameras making it difficult to snap a crystal clear image. Fret not. The F3’s sleek 7.3 millimeter body makes gripping it a breeze, giving you the stability to keep your phone steady to capture your perfect shot.

Most of us can get OCD when it comes to our personal stuff and our quest for the perfect selfie is no different. Beautify 4.0 with Bokeh Effect empowers you to quickly retouch your self-portraits and add an extra oomph with a pretty Bokeh effect. Because, we all need them filters in our life.

So, go ahead. Live a little. With the #SelifeExpert OPPO F3, take a selfie/groufie that brings all the thumbs up and double taps to the yard. You’ll thank us for it!


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Photographs from OPPO




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