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The Six Fix: Ed Sheeran Songs We Can't Wait To Hear Live

The Six Fix: Ed Sheeran Songs We Can't Wait To Hear Live



Yes, Ed Sheeran live in Manila is finally happening once again, you guys! Ovation Productions just announced yesterday the details of his upcoming concert on November 7 as well as the info on tickets that Sheerios have been saving up for for the past few months. We know that we still have to wait 'til the tail end of the year before we see Ed again, but our countdown has already started! 

Our favorite singer-songwriter certainly has tons of awesome new songs that we definitely want to hear live, so we've rounded up some of his most amazing songs that we hope he'll play the next time he visits because we just can't afford to miss hearing them live!

1. "Castle On the Hill"

This song tells of a story about Teddy's childhood in the English countryside town of Framlingham, Suffolk. Watching him play this live will certainly make you nostalgic and look back at your own days of innocence, too. Wouldn't be an awesome experience to watch him reminisce those good ol' days right in front of you? 


2. "Shape of You"

This song may have been played to within an inch of its life, but it'd be much more awesome to hear it live? It may not be the typical Ed Sheeran sound we've grown to love, but it's always amusing to see the a new side to him with each new song. Besides, don't you just find it exciting how he keeps on surprising his fans in so many ways?!


3. "How Would You Feel (Paean)"

One of the songs off of Divide that makes us feel all fuzzy inside, this tender acoustic track is a favorite from the album that we don't mind listening to over and over—and we certainly don't mind hearing it live. Ed, a guitar, and an über romantic song live onstage? We're already there.


4. "All of the Stars"

This song used as the original sountrack of The Fault In Our Stars is perhaps one of the most underrated songs from Ed. If you're in a long distance relationship, this song will definitely hit you right in the feels! 


5. "Supermarket Flowers"

This song about how Ed felt after his beloved grandma passed away. It is definitely the most emotional track on his latest album—and every time we hear it we can't help but tear up. We can only imagine what we'd feel when we see Ed singing it live in front of us! That's why we're keeping tissues within reach at the concert because we're surely gonna end up crying buckets!


6. "One"

The first track in Ed's sophomore effort, Multiply, this beautiful, beautiful acoustic piece that professes love in its purest and most vulnerable. This song wasn't in his set list the last time he was in Manila, so we're hoping he'd do so this time around!


If we were to choose, we'd have Ed Sheeran perform all his songs, but we know that's not going to happen. It was quite tough picking out just a few songs to feature in this list, but these are just some of our faves.

We're so stoked to see Ed live this November, and we're sure you are, too. Even Ed is excited! Check out his video below!


What are the other songs you want to hear from Ed Sheeran live in his upcoming concert? Let us know in the comments!


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Banner photograph from Ovation Productions.




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