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In Focus: First-Time Mom Rima Ostwani-Najjar On How Motherhood Is Changing Her Life

In Focus: First-Time Mom Rima Ostwani-Najjar On How Motherhood Is Changing Her Life



By Mariel Abanes

The date was Aprl 22. It was a bit gloomy outside, but inside the hall of Rima Ostwani-Najjar’s "Meet the Baby" event, it was sunshiny. The former actress had just introduced her three-month-old Adriana Carolina Ostwani-Najjar to her loved ones and to the rest of the world.

With her hubby, family, and friends by her side, Rima put together a season-approriate theme for her newborn. Think florals, sunny dresses, leaves–it was the perfect welcome to her little bundle of joy!

That day, Working Mom got to catch up with the new mom. How did this first-time mom work on the event and how has motherhood changed her life so far? She tells all here!


Congratulations on your first born! How did you prepare for this Meet the Baby party?

"I want it something fun, so decided on a Tropical Summer theme. I told the party organizer that I want to add fun elements for the kids, like a candy corner. Then I have a sweet tooth, so I’d like to have a dessert corner and an ice cream cream corner. So they put everything together, and I am really, really happy of the outcome."

How do you feel about finally becoming a mom?

"It’s the best feeling ever. I mean, I cannot describe the happiness that I feel. I thought the best feeling in my life is getting married; it was. But then I gave birth. The feeling is just indescribable. I’m just really lucky that my mom is always by my side, so as I go along in the journey of motherhood, she’s giving me the best tips in raising my daughter. And I’m just happy where my life is right now—happily married and happy with my baby. I think there is really nothing more to ask for."

How have you changed since having Adriana?

"Before the baby, you have more time thinking about yourself. Now, it’s all about the baby. Even when I go out to the mall, I don’t even think about it—I go right away to the baby section. That’s how you see the great love of a mother to her child, because it’s like your child is your first priority. That’s how I changed as a person—it’s like there’s someone so much more important."

What have you learned so far in this journey of motherhood?

I just make sure not to miss out on anything when it comes to her. Like I love watching her take a bath, putting her to sleep, carrying her, playing with her. Every little thing, I wanna be able to capture, to document, to witness. They told me that kids grow up so fast, so I really wanna cherish every moment I have with her.

What’s your advice to first-time moms like yourself?

"Make sure you’re a hands-on mom, but also still have time for yourself. Most importantly, enjoy every step of the way, even the sleepless nights. It’s part of motherhood. It’ll really make you what you are to become."


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Photographs by Mariel Abanes




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