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The Six Fix: Ready For Some Time Travel? Here Are What Made Traveling In The 90s Extra Special!

The Six Fix: Ready For Some Time Travel? Here Are What Made Traveling In The 90s Extra Special!

Observably, fashion trends from the 90s have made a huge comeback since last year. Chokers, bucket hats, bright-colored tees, you name it. What you thought were hot growing up are hotter now that you're grown-up. It's the same case for some of our gadgets and whatnots today–the more vintage they are, the more hipster, err, the better. Remember when you had to rely on beepers because cellular phones were still too heavy and expensive? How about when you got too fussy about an overexposed Kodak film?

Just the same, traveling in the 90s offered a different experience. From colorful bomber jackets to propeller beanies to the time you actually had to dress up on the plane, here are what we're missing so bad from our jaunts from two decades ago. Get ready for some time travel!


1. A fanny pack. People these days would consider wearing one as a faux pas. Yet, these belt bags were spacious and functional enough back then it stored a lot of our important essentials–including tickets and mini-notebooks!

2. A portable video game. Long trips may be boring, but with the then-latest version of Pokémon in hand, waiting inside the car or at the airport became bearable enought to leave you in oblivion. You sure saved yourself extra AA batteries (or AAA in some cases) on standby!

3. A cassette/CD player. In the 90s, you were considered cool if you brought along as many CDs or cassette tapes to go with your, ehem, casette player or Walkman. On Record Store Day in 2014, Marvel decided to release the OST of Guardians of the Galaxy'–in a cassette tape format, no less! So, your 2017 self now must have been very thrilled.

4. A point-and-shoot film camera. No selfies, and no deleting of bad photos. You were all too conscious of the things you photographed, as you only had 24 (or 36) shots per roll of film. Like the cassette player, the analog camera has been seeing a return again. Fujifilm has been in the forefront of this movement, with its line of Instax cameras (on top of its film line). Independent brand Lomography is now also selling film and analog cameras for budding photographers, while Impossible Project is selling Polaroid film.

5. A physical map, complete with pens and a notebook. Stained with markings and notes we inscribed using it in our travels, maps unleashed the Boy and Girl Scout in all of us.

6. A collection of tickets. From parking tickets to boarding passes, you hoarded all of these for our travel scrapbooking project. Or, maybe just so you have something to brag to your friends after the summer?


How about you? Which of these nifty items do you miss most about your travels?


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Photographs from,,,, and, and screencap from Jadine "Always" YouTube video




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