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Daily Diaries: A Letter To My Second Love

Daily Diaries: A Letter To My Second Love



To my second love,


This is my first hello to you, and it will not be the last. Do you know I've waited for so long to tell you this? I could've said "Hi," but I chose "Hello"—like old friends meeting again, contemplating what to say, thinking how to catch up. I know that we might meet in person and I might say something dumb or stupid, that our first meeting might start with an apology instead of hello, but think that I always meant well. Remember, the first word I told you was "Hello." It may not be the most romantic, but it is the most innocent. Hello.

I know that when you come into my world, you will be the sun that calms the thunderstorm the world rouses in me, teaching me to break hearts and not apologize for it. Because it is easier to be mean in order to not get hurt.

Maybe, you are a thunderstorm yourself, with a sharp and unapologetic tongue—saying words without even thinking. Just know that I might hate you for it, but later on appreciate the brutal honesty. You are the person I know I'll need, to take down some of my pegs in order for me to be able to keep my feet on the ground.

The world has its way of surprising us. There is a possibility that you might not be my type—I might hate you at first sight or that you are the person I never imagined myself falling for, but know that I will love you until you want me to, or even if I shouldn't love you, I'll still do. Because you are the person that made me believe in love again.

You are the love that people tend to forget but the truth is you are irreplaceable. Because you are the type of love the movies almost never show—after the credits roll out, and the happily ever after didn't last—you are there.

I might love you and you might not like me back; but, as early as now, I would want to say thank you for letting me know that after everything—all the heartaches, betrayals, unsaid goodbyes, and struggles to feel again—that I can, in some way, still feel something again for someone. Thank you for helping me break down all the walls that I have unconsciously built around me.

You, my future love, I want you to know that I am waiting for you—patiently. They say that non-believers tell the best testimonies, like an atheist suddenly believing in God. Just like me, believing in love. I know you will make me believe in everything again—in magic, in love, and for that I am truly grateful.

I want you to know that after years, and years, and years of waiting seeing you is like looking at the stars, smiling. It is like seeing a beautiful long lost love after a hundred years of war—my tongue will utter the words I will never feel forced to speak, "I am home."

I would love to meet you soon.


Always yours,



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