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Hot Stuff: Arigato, Reese Lansangan, For 'Of Sound Mind & Memory' EP!

Hot Stuff: Arigato, Reese Lansangan, For 'Of Sound Mind & Memory' EP!



Thank the heavens above and the earths below! Reese Lansangan has blessed us once again with an EP that is sure to leave everyone in a trance.

The visual artist-slash-musician totally pulled a Beyoncé and surprised everyone with the release of her four-track EP titled Of Sound Mind & Memory—and all the Batang Lansangans died, went to heaven, and resurrected (yes, in that order) after listening to four ear-candy songs in the mini-album: "Aristophanes," "Machines and Men," "For the Fickle," and "Wildwood."


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"Aristophanes" tells the story of a person "pining for true love" and how we spend the rest of our lives trying to find that someone who holds our missing half. Meanwhile, "Machines and Men" depict human life—from birth to death. "We come into this world brand new, and we get scarred, bruised and tested as we grow up," says Reese on her website. This song tells us that we are not as strong or invincible as we think, that our bodies adapt, develop, and, eventually, detoriorate.

While the first two songs are a little serious, Reese gets playful in the last two tracks. It still possesses her signature sound, but "For the Fickle" is about wanting a love that is steady, safe, and sure. Reese croons about the "compromises and excuses we make to cover a half-hearted love" and realizing that this kind of love is something we don't deserve. For her EP-ender, "Wildwood" evokes a feeling of having found peace and joy, inspired by the singer's two-week vacation in New Zealand. It will leave you content and in bliss, thanking Lansangan for a short, but sweet album release.

Still haven't heard any of the songs? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? Listen to the EP below:

Arigatou, Reese! And mga Batang Lansangan, you're welcome.


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Banner photograph from Reese Lansangan.




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