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Lifestyle Hotshots: Far From His Family, Dane Hipolito Sees Songwriting Dreams in Manila Take Flight

Lifestyle Hotshots: Far From His Family, Dane Hipolito Sees Songwriting Dreams in Manila Take Flight

He may be part of this millennial generation, but up-and-coming musician Dane Hipolito isn't one to feel entitled and complacent. He'd rather work hard when it comes to realizing his dreams, he says. The 24 year-old MINT student likes following a process–from making new beats and collaborating with fellow young artists to develop new music, down to working on that Magic Mike bod. For him, a huge social media following isn't the start or end of being an artist–it's the content that one creates that'll keep him a hot property among his audience.


How millennial are you and why?

Sumasabay ako sa technology as much as I can especially as a musician, pero I try to hold on traditional values, work ethic, or way of thinking. Now, everything is instant, even with music pwede ka mag-sample tapos iibahin mo lang ng onti but now I really want to make it from scratch. I want it to come from me. Even with days of lipo, mas gusto ko talaga to work hard for it kasi it matters talaga sa akin yun journey of getting there.”

How do you counter the myth about millennials being too entitled?

“At the end of the day, nakasalalay pa rin siya sa iyo as a person kasi I myself am a millennial, and I think I might have ADHD or ADD but if I try to focus kaya naman talaga. I guess it is a decision din to not be entitled. To be honest, I think it is true but at the same time, I don’t think that’s the end of it. I think that it can change.”

How did you get started with using social IG in your projects/advocacies?

May fitness family kami sa Instagram, tapos every day, through Instagram stories, I use it for my 'did you work out today?' And people respond well to that, parang 'Aww, I feel so good' para may constant reminder of something good about technology today. Like right now, I can just share my life and at the same time remind them by leading by example somehow. I think this is something everyone should do: we should filter and be careful with what we share about kasi these days nagiging direct translation of our thoughts yun social media. It’s a gift, a curse, and a responsibility.”

As a millennial, we’re feeling you still want to have more in life. What else do you dream of doing in the future despite juggling a lot of stuff now?

“Planning my day ahead, my weeks ahead, that’s one thing, and resting because it is important. What I do sometimes is I take an hour off every day: relax ka lang, watch something, then sleep or nap. When you wake up, it will feel like it’s the morning again and you would feel like ready ka na ulit. For me, it is really time management and rest.”

How meticulous are you with your posts? Describe your process.

Ako with my timeline, I look at it as a whole. Like for this week for example, kapag hindi nagma-match, tatanggalin ko kahit na at that night, when I shared it, it felt right, and siguro sa Instagram, for one post I really think about it. Dati this is my life lang tapos nowadays na may [Instagram] stories na, dun lang ako [sa Instagram] mag-she-share on something they could go back and see all the time.”

What was your greatest social media/ online moment like?

“In the past, I had moments na parang nagvi-viral, pero those are either covers or when I do something on TV. Recently I did a collaboration with Clara Benin tapos that thing kind of blow up as an artist kasi sa lahat ng originals ko yun yun pinaka-wild yun reach na even up to now people are still talking about it. I guess as an artist it is great because that's the goal: You want to be known, you want to have a bigger following, pero at the end of the day, you want them to follow you because of the music you make, not because you already have 10,000 followers and people are just going to bandwagon. It may not be as big, but as an artist, it means a lot to me.“

What do you think is your most ‘exciting’ post? Which one receives the most likes?

"I would say if it is a new song, pero not everyone is into songs, not everyone is into my genre pero everyone wants to see a topless body. Pero if it is like a fitness post or like a post yun naka-topless, yun ang pinakamataas ang engagement."

If you were to create your own hashtag, what would that be and why?

"I believe in practicing every day, training every day because that’s what I do since there’s nobody at home (my family is in the United States). When I get lonely, I would motivate myself. I'd go for #didyoubetteryourselftoday because it’s a great way of spreading awareness and motivation to others."


What are your mid-summer plans?

“Besides traveling, I want to have a vacation: go to an island, stay off a week or two, make music, and make an EP while being on vacation. That’s a dream plan of mine.”

Any dream destination and why?

Siguro Greece. Sparta or Athens kasi I like Greek mythology, I play videogames na panay ganun, so I guess I want to see it in real life. If I were to live in that age, I’d be a warrior or something. Parang you are literally risking your life. I want to be one of King Leonidas’ Warriors or soldiers.”

Ideal summer escapade and why?

“A staycation with friends, again on an island na may gym at basketball court, and a few musical instruments. That’s it. In my hometown in Batangas, there is an island na may town, and there’s a basketball court. Walang gym doon, but you can do calisthenics. So I guess staying in our hometown in Batangas, and have fun with friends! But even on vacation, mas gusto ko just to make music and playing the stuff I love kasi it's something I would like to do any day.”

Ideal summer date and why?

“Scuba diving, or free diving, because that’s what I do in Batangas. That would be great kasi I like dates na you are doing something special with your special someone, especially if it is something that I love to do. It’s exciting, it is fun, and at the same time there is intimacy with it.”

How do you maintain your bod during the summer?

“Workout, especially since summer you have a lot of time, and it is just an hour a day." 

Fave workout?

“The four major lifts: Bench press, overhead press, deadlift, and squats. If you have no time, just do those and you are fine. If you are at home, just do pushups and crunches. It is better to do something than to do nothing at all.”

Most recommended diet?

“What I do is if you know at night you are going to go out, try to save calories for that. It's like calorie counting…not dot-by-dot, but just to have an idea of what you are eating.”

Your most effective gwapo trick?

“Confidence and just a smile. Just be confident and happy lang.”

Your most effective trick to get the girl?

“They say be yourself. I think it is good but what they really want to see is that you are not putting your guard up kasi if you keep yourself guarded there’s a mask that you could not reveal who you really are. You show them that you could be vulnerable, or that she can tell you anything, kasi at the end of the day you are trying to win her heart. Whatever idea she has, it’s better if it is straight from the heart.”


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Shot on location at: I’M Hotel (7862 Makati Ave, Makati City)

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