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Hot Stuff: 5 Bae-Candy Movies You Should Catch In 2017

Hot Stuff: 5 Bae-Candy Movies You Should Catch In 2017



Sure, a movie's stirring plot and beautiful cinematography are just some of the things that would attract us to a film, but tell us that our celeb crush is starring in it and it's game over. Here, we've rounded up five of the hottest (yes, pun intended!) films with serious eye candy scheduled for release this year! Get ready for some bae-watching!


1. The Gifted. Premieres May 3, 2017

Bae-starrer: Chris Evans

Chris Evans may have made us moony-eyed with Captain America (remember that scene with the helicopter in Civil War? *fans self*), but we get to see a softer, gentler side to him in The Gifted. In this movie, he'll show us that not all superheroes wear capes—some of them are disguised as uncles who are willing to go the extra mile for family. Prepare your tissues—we're guessing this one's a tearjerker!

2. Baywatch. Premieres May 24, 2017

Bae-starrer: Zac Efron

Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson together in one movie?! Count us in! Aside from getting a chance to see ultimate bae Zac Efron flex his biceps and run along the beach shirtless (that six-pack always gets us weak on the knees!), we also heard he's going to do a cross-dressing scene in the movie. We bet it's going to be a riot, and we can't wait to see it play out in the cinemas!


3. Dunkirk. Premieres July 21, 2017

Bae-starrer: Harry Styles

Aren’t you just proud that Hazza was cast in Christopher Nolan's upcoming epic film? Sure, there may be a lot of naysayers questioning Nolan's decision to cast Styles, but we know the 1D star is going to prove them wrong! Besides, Harry as a youth icon can easily entice the younger gen–who can learn more about history through these films–into watching!

4. Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Premieres September 22, 2017

Bae-starrer: Channing Tatum

We're sure that you missed seeing the Magic Mike star on the big screen, and we're stoked that we'll get to see him kick some serious butt as a super dreamy, all-American cowboy in this sequel. Can't wait!

5.  Justice League 2017Premieres Nov. 16, 2017

Bae-starrer: Henry Cavill

People have buzzed that Henry Cavill will be in the upcoming Justice League movie, but surprisingly, his character Superman is nowhere to be found in the movie trailer or posters. One theory is that the movie is saving him for the ultimate plot twist yet—as in, he's going to be an evil guy in this installment! Whichever team he's going to be on, one thing's for sure–he will always be the hottest Superman in our eyes!

Which movie are you excited about the most? Let us know in the comments! 

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Banner photograph from Fox Searchlight (Chris Evans), Zac EfronChanning Tatum, screencapped from Dunkirk's Official Trailer, and Henry Cavill.




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