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In Focus: Here’s The Inside Scoop On All Things Fashion And Beauty At Kisses Delavin’s Debut

In Focus: Here’s The Inside Scoop On All Things Fashion And Beauty At Kisses Delavin’s Debut

Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 Second Big Placer Kisses Delavin just wanted a simple celebration for her 18th birthday—but her parents had other plans. Big plans, at that, for their unica hija's coming-of-age party. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been given glimpses of their preparations for this once-in-a-lifetime event in Kisses’ life. There was even this dreamy save-the-date video by Nice Print Photography…

And as we all saw last night, the majestic celebration of the "Miracle Daughter ng Masbate" did not disappoint: She radiated a regal glow, stunning everyone in the different looks put together for her by her stylist Vanessa Mercado and makeup artist Eman de Leon.

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Francis Libiran's creation for her was just flawless:

We had the opportunity to chat with her glam team, which then talked about how they collaborated with Kisses on how she'd look for her party...


What was your inspiration for her look?

Vanessa: "Modern-day Princess."

Eman: "For the makeup, the default look makeup look is young and fresh, highlighting her Asian features... soft eyebrows, peach cream eye shadow all over her eyes, winged feathery lashes using individual lashes, her signature pink blush, and natural matte lipstick shade. So Pretty in Pink is the default makeup look, and then there are three others: Young elegant, same makeup look but darker lipstick shade (hint of lavender), still matte; Vintage, removed the peach eyeshadow under and from the outer corner of the eyes, added a dark shimmery copper eyeshadow under the eye creating a subtle smokey eye makeup look, removed the lipstick leaving a tint of the previous shade then topped off with clear gloss; and Young Throwback (reminiscent of the classic film Grease), removed the dark eyeshadow under the eyes leaving them clean, changed lipstick to candy apple red."

How hands on was Kisses during the preps?

Vanessa: "Kisses is super hands-on! She collaborated with me and Francis Libiran to come up with colors and details she likes for her gowns. She will wear two Francis Libiran gowns and two customized pairs of shoes to match the gowns! Kisses wants to keep it modern, clean, and classy, not over-the-top. And it's just perfect because that's my styling aesthetic too, classy and regal. We let her decide what she really wants from clothes and accessories, to makeup and hair. We spent days and nights pinning looks and themes that appeal to her and worked from there.

Eman: "She loves makeup sooo much. She can do her own, actually, but she trusts me with her beauty looks all the time. It feels good that a client entrusts her face to me."

Can you share more about how you guys are preparing, beauty-wise?

Eman: "I always remind her to remove makeup immediately after shoots. If makeup isn't needed, don't put any. But because she's Kisses and she is a makeup lover, she always makes sure that she is wearing the brow look I created for her. She already knows how to recreate that because I gave her a quick tutorial. She also makes sure she has blush on. I also got her some of the essential skincare products like oil-based makeup remover and eye cream."


What do you love most about working with Kisses?

Vanessa: "It's so easy to collaborate with her because she knows what she wants and is very honest. If she is not comfortable about a certain look or style, she will let you know right away. And she doesn't forget to thank people she works with! She is very appreciative and polite to everyone.

Eman: "Like I said, she's one of the few clients I have who has a big trust on my artistry. In our world, it would feel like she entrusts her life to me, and that's a major deal for me as a makeup artist. She's the same enthusiastic girl we all saw on PBB. She is always excited to do everything she's given and she'll make sure she'll do it the best she can."

Happy birthday, Kisses!


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Screenshots from the Nice Print Photography YouTube Channel / Follow Eman on Instagram @EmanDeLeonMakeup, Facebook, and Twitter @emandeleon and Vanessa on Instagram @vanmercado




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