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In Focus: Meet The Creepy-Cute Girl You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching On YouTube

In Focus: Meet The Creepy-Cute Girl You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching On YouTube



The Internet has its weird space where you'll discover your quirky guilty pleasures, and it was where we found a model-esque blonde with an adorable, kawaii face, with the creepiest bubblegum persona you'll ever see. This time, Chalk takes you to the flip side and introduces you to one of the most popular people in the world, weird web—Poppy.


"I am Poppy," says a girl with a blonde hair, wide eyes, and peculiar, unnatural movements. "I'm Poppy. I'm Poppy. I am Poppy," 10 minutes later, she's still saying it. And you'll know by then that she is Poppy—the creepy-cute Internet girl you won't be able to take your eyes from.

She is Poppy. Poppy is described as Barbie-Kawaii-Child—a singer, songwriter and Internet sensation known for her weird videos on YouTube. She is art, she is a character. People aspire to be Poppy— everyone wants to be Poppy.


That Poppy. In 2014, Poppy posted her very first video on YouTube. Slowly, people got intrigued with her quirkiness. This pastel-wearing, monologue-performing wackball captivated people by stating the obvious; she mocked people for the way they think, how they consume media, and how they idolize celebrities. And people lived for it!

Poppy's acid. Her character was made to provoke, poking fun at people and making them look dumb. Poppy jabs others' intelligence like a boxer that is trained to fight. She is a walking social commentary. She embodies what other people fear the world would become but in reality, she is the now—maybe a litte exaggerated but she spits truth like acid. Poppy is the embodiment of the world today. And her innocent facade hides how much shade she throws every single time.

Origin of Poppy. A person named Titanic Sinclair (the director of all Poppy videos!) has been doing Poppy-like videos on his own YouTube channel even before Poppy's rise in fame. Does this mean that he is also the creator of Poppy's character? Let's look at their vidoes side by side.

TItanic Sinclair


Who is Poppy. There are great mysteries surrounding Poppy. Her real identity was and still is hidden to the public. Her YouTube channel was created in 2011 but just started posting in 2014, and it looks like someone deleted her old brand in order to create this new one.

Even until now, people continue to watch her videos—like hypnotized victims, they just can't stop watching. We know you can't stop watching, now, either, so here's the lyric video of her latest single, "I'm Poppy."

She is special, she is art. She is Poppy. Now, if you could only stop watching her.


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Banner photograph from That Poppy's Youtube channel. GIFs from GIPHY.




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