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In Focus: Post-Labor Day Honor Roll: At 25 And Below, These Working Girls Are Out To Change The Game

In Focus: Post-Labor Day Honor Roll: At 25 And Below, These Working Girls Are Out To Change The Game

They say that age ain’t nothing but a number. We don’t disagree.

A lot of us like to set goals for ourselves, especially when it comes to our career. We like listing down the things we aspire for before we reach a certain age–get your own condo unit at this age, put up your own business by this year, and so on. It makes us feel like we’re giving ourselves sufficient time to get what it is we want done, done. 

But the five women we’re about to introduce you to may make you think twice about extending your personal timetables. They’ve barely reached quarter life and already they’re changing the game in their respective fields. While it's still Labor Day somewhere else in the world, we honor these young ladies who are off to a great start in their own career tracks. Millennials? Call them whatever you want. They'll just shrug you off and proceed with what's on their priorities for the day.


Kelsey Merritt. Living mannequin Kelsey has campaigned for some of the world’s biggest names in fashion and beauty since signing with renowned talent agency Wilhelmina Models (they represent celebrities like Coco Rocha, Nick Jonas, and Nicki Minaj to name a few). There was the bridal collection she booked for Vera Wang. There was also her work for UNIQLO. And just recently, she was named a brand ambassador of Maybelline Philippines—all while balancing a college student life at the Ateneo de Manila University. Pretty soon, she’ll be walking away from her alma mater with a hard-earned degree in hand and even more projects waiting for her!  Not bad for a 20 year old, huh?

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Abbey Sy. Always Be Creating—this is what Abbey’s life is about. An unwavering passion for art and travel fuels this creative entrepreneur in everything she does, whether that’s penning and illustrating books, holding art classes, or producing beautiful merchandise.  Her best-selling book, The ABCs of Hand Lettering, is available in bookstores nationwide but you can learn more about her story and explore her range of products here.

Mica Tan. Mica has always been interested in stock exchange, so much that she began trading at the Philippine Stock Exchange at the tender of age 13. From there, she dabbled in foreign exchange, independent distributing, and even her family business. After declining admission to the revered Fordham University in New York (gasp!), Mica went on to co-found MFT Group of Companies, a 100-strong angel investing firm of which she currently serves as CEO.


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Andrea Tubig. You know you’re “making it” in the local literature scene when your pre-requisite thesis that’s typically self-published is picked up by a major printing press company. This Creative Writing senior from Ateneo de Manila University is well on her way to establishing herself as a poet, gaining traction with her atypical writing style and transgressive themes. Be sure to grab a copy of her thesis and first book, Tonight We Slurp in Color, when it hits bookstores later this year. It goes to show that even though thesis writing is tough, the effort you put it into can definitely pay off. 


Anna Motohara Venturina. This 24-year-old has gone on to do big things since graduating Broadcast Communication from UP Diliman in 2013 and making it as one of the Chalk Bright Young Manila winners both in 2013 . Mots, as she’s called by friends and family, started her own NGO, CANCERvants PH, which raises awareness of pediatric cancer in the country and launches socio-civic projects to benefit them. On top of that, she works as a legislative officer for the Senate and is currently taking her Masters in Public Management at Ateneo de Manila University.  


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