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Hot Stuff: Looking For A Job? Here Are Four Fab Companies You Might Consider Working For

Hot Stuff: Looking For A Job? Here Are Four Fab Companies You Might Consider Working For

A 2016 study done in the UK calculated that given eight-hour days (which are few and far in between for a good number of people), we will have spent a total of about 21% of our total waking hours in an average 76-year lifespan working. Where and what we choose to do with our time as working individuals is of great significance. Many people locally often complain that companies don't do right by them not just via the numbers earned but in terms of employee care, cultivation of an office community, and the recognition of individual value. A company that acknowledges the importance and value their employees have to offer and provides spaces conducive for great achievement is thus one that every job seeker ought to consider. Here are a couple of companies whose employees are testament to great management of their human workforce.


1. ARC Public Relations.  If you are a blogger, content creator, or influencer in some way, shape, or form you would have certainly crossed paths with this dynamic and congenial PR team, ARC Public Relations. They are strongly known not just for the events and projects they produce but also for the genuine connections they form with the people they work with and involve. For ARC PR, ultimately what they communicate openly in the way they work is that team x time = ultimately becomes family. What ARC PR does, they say, is enable their client's brands and products to reach people like us in a more meaningful way. 

ARC's Managing Director, Jenny Yrasuegui and PR Director, Celine Gabriel-Lim
"ARC PR is a boutique contemporary communications house. On a daily basis, our team can be found innovating campaigns, connecting key relationships, and creating waves of awareness on multiple media platforms."

Kristel "Krissy" Ann-Cruz, a PR assistant manager on board at ARC shares why she believes ARC is a beneficial place for millenial employees: "It flexes your multi-tasking muscles like no other. When you work in PR, you have to oversee a lot of things and be on your toes all the time. Every possible situation should be planned for. ARC PR has trained me to think on my feet while looking cool, calm, and collected. Public relations is one of the most stressful industries to be in but ARC PR is filled with young and dynamic individuals who work harmoniously even under pressure. As what our Managing Director Jenny Yrasuegui likes to say, 'we whistle while we work!' " 

Reassurance, encouragement, and motivation are also present within the ARC team in spite of sticky situations that arise like Krissy's own experience.

"There was a time when we were doing a major event for a huge fashion brand. The event was about to start and our guests have started to arrive but there was a sticky situation that hadn't been solved yet.The pressure was almost too much that I started tearing up. It didn't help that the host asked how I was and if I were okay. You know how when you're on the verge of tears and someone asks if you're okay? Hah! I was ready to burst into tears but our PR Director, Celine Gabriel-Lim, set me aside and calmly but assertively told me to keep myself together. That's just one of the many lessons I learned from her and Jenny–not just workwise but life in general–and I am forever grateful."

Indeed who wouldn't want to work with a company that certainly has your back?

You can Contact ARC PR at the following address, phone number and e-mail: Suite 1004, The Infinity Tower, 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines 1634, +63 917 842 1572,,


2. Telus International Philippines. Once upon a time, about over a decade ago, hustling for a call center projected negative images for some. The idea that young people were setting aside their untapped talent for mediocre work in order to get a decent paycheck with odd hours didn't sit well with many. Today, BPOs are also competing for manpower in terms of the career value and benefits they can offer people other than better pay. Companies like Telus International, Philippines, for instance have set the bar high on creating an environment that motivates their employees to stay happy and inspired for better output.  

"As a pioneer in the global BPO industry, we are proud of our success over the years. We started as a small local company known as Ambergris Solutions in 2001, with only 50 seats. Now, we are an important part of TELUS International, a global company that enables customer experience innovation through spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and a caring culture that puts customers first. Ambergris was re-branded to TELUS International Philippines in 2007. Today, TELUS International Philippines has five sites and over 12,000 proud team members delivering exceptional customer service to our clients around the world."  

In the newest branch, the one in McKinley Exchange, the gym is the largest one among all their branches and it comes complete shower rooms and decor to inspire. Plus, there exists a meeting room that semi sort of reminds you of those memorable fast-food play grounds you used to dive into, a veritable mix of work and play.

“This is our team members’ second home. They spend nine to 10 hours at work so we want to make them relaxed and feel that they are taken care of by the company,” TIP Facilities Director Pia Felix says.  

They don't just have a gym, they even have their own football club which placed 1st runner up in the call-center olympics last year. There are even certain days for appreciating individually outstanding employees. Also, in terms of embracing all individuals as a workplace Telus unites and supports women and gay pride advocacies ensuring that their slogan "happy here" is made real for everyone.

Telus PH have a range of recruitment hubs available that you can visit in person or you can get in touch directly via Email: or their Hotline: (632)638-9440

Recruitment hubs listed below Monday to Friday, open 10am to 6pm: TELUS House Araneta, Quezon City, 5/F Market! Market! Taguig City, 31/F Discovery Centre Pasig City, TELUS House McKinley Exchange, Makati City, TELUS House McKinley West, Taguig City

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3. Impact Hub Manila. The freelance path isn't an easy one, so Impact Hub, which started out in London, provides a local community for freelancers to flock to. The idea of "sharing a table" with a fellow freelancer in order to collaborate and produce better work was what spawned the flourishing group that is Impact Hub.   

Manila based Co-Founder, Ces Rondario shares how it all started: "Impact Hub started back in London 12 years ago. It began when four people decided to share a space whilst working on their own ventures. Pretty soon, the idea of sharing a space became a vehicle for them to enjoy collaboration with each other and from a shared space among 4 people, there are 80 open Hubs with over 20 in the pipeline with a global community of more than 15,000 Hubbers (members). In the Philippines, we are almost 2 years old and has a community base of over 300 Hubbers."  

By providing multiple freelancers with venues across Metro Manila to focus, work, gather and collaborate, more is accomplished within a day, larger ideas germinate, and purposeful projects arise. A variety of startups for instance, have mushroomed successfully with the aid of Impact Hub's mentoring and support.

 Startups awarded grants by Impact hub together with WWF, PEF, and ADB: "After receiving over fifty applications, the fellowship program ends on a high note with three startups getting the unanimous nod of the selection jury during the awarding ceremony held on October 18, 2016. These are Cleverheat, a solar-powered refrigeration system; HiGi, makers of environment-friendly briquettes for cooking; and Solar Sari-Sari Store, portable solar energy stations for lighting, water purification, mobile phone charging, and refrigeration."

Ces further shared how Impact Hub's concept gained traction with Filipino freelancers and what core concept steered it in the right direction. "The Philippines has a particularly different ecosystem. Entrepreneurship is in its very early stage and while there has been a steady incline, we have a lot of catching up to do with our neighbors (Singapore, for example). This is something that became very apparent to us within the first 6 months we opened doors. We had a great big space– open and really mirrored that of a collaborative space but the reality is, there are far more considerations than space layout that our community needed. They needed accessible locations, reasonable rate, a ton of flexibility and a community. This challenged us to disrupt the very model of Impact Hub.From a singular space, we partnered with KMC Solutions to give our Hubbers access to 6 prime locations in Makati, Ortigas and at the Fort–at a fraction of our original rate! We've seen over 200% growth in our membership since."

"One of the best things about working in an office is seeing people working hard, which in turn, motivates you to do your best as well. There’s always a sense of synergy when you work alongside others, even if you’re not working with them."



Impact Hub Manila is in 5 Locations:

20F and 25F Picadilly Star 4th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig 1636 Metro Manila,

11F SM Aura Office Tower, Bonifacio Global City

19F & 20F Uptown Place Tower 2, Bonifacio Global City

29F Rufino Pacific Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City

5F Rockwell Business Center Tower 1, Ortigas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City, +63 917 666 6493


4. Google Philippines.  Yes, we're wondering ourselves why we even need to tell you about the reasons to work for Google Philippines. Much less than tell you too much of what you already know, we'd rather show you what you can expect to waltz into on a Monday morning. You might be expecting a Google office even here to look somewhat "imported" since it is a foreign company but you may not have guessed they've made it tailor-fit closer to home than you think.  


Since its launch in 2013, the company has grown to about 60 employees and company growth as mentioned has been "exponential." The interior amuses with nostalgic Filipino phrases and pop graphics as well as the nation's map and PUJ art on the walls.

From what we've sniffed out, for those aspiring to work for Google Philippines, it isn't all about top grades and awards, they're keenly going to dig into your resume or CV for work experience and relevant projects you've helped make happen and your actual interview will have strong bearing. Don't get us wrong, academic performance will certainly matter but so will your overall impact on the world around you throughout your educational journey. In the screening process, according to an external digital marketing consultant and content director Paul Agabin, they search for a certain quality, that being "Googleyness" which involves from what we gather not just the ability to be the very best version of you at creating and producing output but also possessing a teamplayer quality: knowing how how to have fun, rolling lightly with the punches, and not taking things way too seriously, even when it's crunchtime. 

To apply at Google Philippines via Google, first go to "Google Careers." Go to "Asia Pacific," and search the positions available under Manila to apply.


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