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Hot Stuff: 5 Of 2017's Hottest TV Series to Binge Watch This Long Weekend

Hot Stuff: 5 Of 2017's Hottest TV Series to Binge Watch This Long Weekend



Yes, the long weekend is still on! We're sure you've seen thousands of posts from #LaBoracay2017, or whatever summer destination your friends headed to for the weekend, but that means you've also seen the huge crowds and overpopulated vacation spots. We understand perfectly if you just chose to stay at home and chill with the fam.

If you've got nothing better to do the whole afternoon, why not park yourself in front of the TV and binge watch this Chalk-approved list? Trust us, they'll become your next obsession!


1. 13 Reasons Why

A word of warning: This series is not for the faint of heart! 13 Reasons Why follows two points of view—the past, narrated by Hannah Baker, through the set of tapes she left following her suicide and death, and the present, in the POV of Clay Jensen, the current owner of the tapes. This controversial Netflix series tackles issues surrounding suicide, bullying, mental illness, and a lot more social issues that we're sure many of the youth can relate to. You may not have experienced the things depicted in the series firsthand, but it will open your eyes, enough to make you realize that acts of kindness toward the people you encounter in life go a long way.

2. The Legend of the Blue Sea

If you're not a fan of Korean dramas, then the show and its actors Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji Hyun will make you a convert! This drama presents a modern twist to a Joseon [one of South Korea's many kingdoms in the past] legend about a fisherman who captured and kidnapped a mermaid. What's interesting about this K-drama is that the actors portray two different sets of characters in two different timelines, yet their love for each other runs parallel in both periods. Combine that with Ji Hyun's impeccable comedic timing and you've got yourself a truly one-of-a-kind romantic comedy. Hurry and catch it on iflix!

3. A Love To Last

There's no doubt about it, Bea Alonzo and Ian Veneracion's love team has successfully won people over and has them dying of kilig with every episode. TonDeng, as what fans call the Bea-Ian tandem, breaks our usual teenage love team romance and gives us a more mature, more in-depth love story tackling issues like conquering huge age gaps, dealing with annulment, being accepted by the family of your partner, and just letting yourself fall in love again. This primetime drama about family and second chances can make the whole family (yes, even dad!) melt. Watch it on iWant TV for an uninterrupted experience!

4. Riverdale

This CW teenage drama referenced the characters from the popular Archie comics only to introduce a more mature and obviously darker approach. With its exciting high school catfights, acidic one-liners and a full-on eye candy cast, we totally understand if you get addicted to this series. Think of it as How to Get Away with Murder meets Gossip Girl–a guilty pleasure we just can't stop watching! 

5. Girlboss

When you need a vag-almighty series, Netflix's Girlboss is here for you. This Britt Robertson starrer (based on Sophia Amoruso's autobiography #GIRLBOSS), tackles the rags to riches story of Sophia, also known as the "Cinderella of Tech." Watching Sophia navigate the world of fashion and retail with zero clue on how to run a business is both funny and touching—we can't help but laugh at her mishaps, but we also feel for her because she's just so determined to make it to the top. You go, girl!

Have you binge watched any of these shows before? Which ones are your favorite and which ones do you recommend we watch? Tell us in the comments—you know we  love hearing from you!


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