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Lifestyle Hotshots: You Wouldn't Get Enough Of These Millennial Cuties!

Lifestyle Hotshots: You Wouldn't Get Enough Of These Millennial Cuties!


Such a simple word that is endlessly dissected and discussed ad nauseam. Though there is no single agreed-upon definition, the term ‘millennial’ generally refers to today’s mid-teens to early-30s adults. Most of the time, it has been used in a derogatory way, a blanket term for an entire demographic that society has judged to be politically-apathetic, technology-addled narcissists who are social-media obsessed, emoji-loving, entitled individuals living in a state of perpetual adolescence.

Much of the stigma comes from the fact that the millennials are the generation whose boundaries have been blurred by the proliferation of technology, giving them a wider perspective of how they move about in the world and allowing them to bridge connections that were previously impossible to forge. Such unprecedented exposure to knowledge, cultures and experiences have brought forth a generation that is defined by diversity and social tolerance, a spirit of adventure tempered by awareness, of boundless energy and enthusiasm to experience everything the world has to offer.

Meet the 2017 #ABSCBNLifestyleHotshots, exemplary young men who paint a pretty picture of Generation Y. All of them multifaceted, hyphenated hotties who are kings of their own realms and masters of their own fate, espousing an aura of belief that yes, we can—and will—have it all.

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Produced by The @ABSCBNLifestyle Team (Katrina Angco, Julia Arenas, Duey Guison, Angela Sy, Mels Timan, & Barry Viloria) | Cinematography Jana Jimenez with Gio Vibar | Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Grooming by Raf Bardon, Johnson Estrella, and Ryan Wong of MAC Cosmetics | Styling by JM Gumatay, Shaira Mariel Habon, and Carl Pabilona of @TheStylistCrewPH | Hairstyling: @VivereSalon

Shot on location at: I’m Hotel (7862 Makati Ave, Makati City)

Special Thanks to: Melissa Lim of @IMhotelPH | Gabs Azarcon and Vanessa Vergara of @MacCosmetics | Arvin Amaro of @VivereSalon





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