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Lifestyle Hotshots: Host-Boxing Instructor Vince Velasco To Spend Summer In Mt. Everest Base Camp

Lifestyle Hotshots: Host-Boxing Instructor Vince Velasco To Spend Summer In Mt. Everest Base Camp

You've probably seen him working that squint, smile, and ooh-la-la voice as the go-to host in some of the metro's biggest events; showing off that lean bod amid some beach backdrop on his #travelgram goals-worthy Instagram; instructing a class at his group boxing studio Flyweight; or drawing your eye through some billboard or TV ad he's featured as a model. Vince Velasco does all these, and sometimes within 24 hours. Vince is fast making a name for himself you'd almost forget he's got that perfect artistahin package future already set up for him way back–he's the son of sports journalist Bill Velasco and the older brother of former it-model Daniel.

Call Vince the typical millennial who has that unfathomable thirst for adventure. Get this, he is recently taking on a new hat–err, new heights–as he goes on a trek to the Mt. Everest base camp in May. While he has already lost the "First Filipino to climb Mt. Everest" award to veteran climber Leo Oracion who completed the expedition in 2006, we'd like to ask if there's another award. Say, the Hottest Mountaineer Alive, or the Mt. Everest Climber With The Best Six-Pack. Vince could only laugh about it, and goes into what awaits him in his new exploit, “If you can do it, it makes other people feel they can do it also!”


How millennial are you and why?

“I’d say I’m very active in anything I do because millennials have this tendency to have a lot of energy and I think I fit in that mold because I’m very active in everything I do. You give me something, I’ll probably do it the day itself.”

How do you counter the myth about millennials being too entitled?

“You just have to really show who you are right at the start. Huwag ka na in be honest right from the beginning.”

How did you get started with using social IG in your projects/advocacies?

“I stay true to who I am. Like whether it is helping people with an active lifestyle or teaching people certain exercises they can do, to the food I like, to travelling, I really stick to just who I am. So I think it is just really sticking to who you are that leads you to more opportunities because people today are smart; they can tell kung nagpapanggap ka, they can tell if you are really doing it just for the fame.”

As a millennial, we’re feeling you still want to have more in life. What else do you dream of doing in the future despite juggling a lot of stuff now?

“All of the stuff I want to achieve falls under the stuff I am doing right now, so whether it is hosting, one of my goals is to host Amazing Race, and it is one of my ultimate goals. If it is hosting, it has to be my number one.”

How meticulous are you with your posts? Describe your process.

“If you notice my feed, if I’ve done a lot of travelling for the past two weeks, the week I get back, there are a lot of travelling posts. You don’t always post when you are on a trip kasi you want to enjoy the trip itself. When I get back, especially if I want to get back in shape after a trip, usually I’m not particular with anything. I just like good photos basically.”

What was your greatest social media/ online moment like?

“There are a few. I went to Ariel’s Point (Aklan) and I hate the falling feeling from heights. I’m ok with heights, it’s just the feeling when you are dropping, so I have a hard time jumping off. Another one is when we went to the other side, which I recently posted on social media. We hiked the other side of Ariel’s Point, like the part where there is nothing paved.”

What do you think is your most ‘exciting’ post? Which one receives the most likes?

“It’s really the activities I do, like whether it is by the beach or whether it is me jumping off a cliff of 15 meters, or when I went to Ninja Academy three or four years ago, and did the salmon ladder. I guess when you are posting that you are doing something, it actually gives the people the power to think that they can actually do it, and that’s what I think is the most engaging content I have.”

If you were to create your own hashtag, what would that be and why? 

“I used to use this one called #VinceVentures. It sounds really corny but the reason why I chose #VinceVentures is because VV eh, it’s my initials and at the same time it is easy to remember, and you can use the word venture for anything: venture for somewhere, venture for business, and venture for travelling.”

What are your mid-summer plans?

“I’m actually going to the basecamp of Mt. Everest. I found out a few days ago, and it just came out of nowhere. That will consume roughly a month. Before that, I will be going to Real coast, near Baler. My last two trips before I leave for Everest are Real and Sorsogon.”

Any dream destination and why?

“Mt. Everest because I just like the idea when you think of something when you are younger, at a certain point, you don’t think you can actually accomplish it. And then when the opportunity comes that you can actually accomplish it, that what makes it a dream destination: The fact that I’ts something not a lot of people can do yet you are given the opportunity to be able to go there.”

Ideal summer escapade and why?

“I have to go to the beach and I have to go with hiking as well. Those are the two must-do things in the summer that if I don’t do those two things in the summer, I feel like summer is pointless. Every summer, I have to go to at least a new place once."

Ideal summer date and why? 

“It would have to be something chill if it’s within the city. I want either coffee or something chill like maybe a movie afterwards and then if it is out of town, travelling because I believe you get to know someone better by travelling. Whether you travel to a resort or something like that, those are my two ideal dates.”

How do you maintain your bod during the summer?

“To be honest, fitness is not a summer thing; it is a lifestyle. When it comes to summer, maintenance lang, and then the rest of the year, it is your lifestyle.”

Fave workout? 

“Right now I have to say boxing. You really feel the improvement after every session.”

Most recommended diet?

“Just look for the healthier alternatives to what you are eating. If it is white rice, you go to brown rice, if it is fried food, you go to grilled food. If it is regular oil, you go for olive oil. Dieting does not have to be brutal.”

Your most effective gwapo trick?

“I would ask the things we have in common, and then ask you if we would try do that together, or something that you have never done but you are willing to try. That’s the most effective because nobody will say no to that because that’s an interest, and people love doing their interests.”

Your most effective trick to get the girl? 

“Being really honest, especially now in the age of people being pakipot. I’m the type of person who says if I want to go out with you and I’m interested, I’m going to tell you I am interested. Girls really like that—being honest and being straightforward.”


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Produced by The @ABSCBNLifestyle Team (Katrina Angco, Julia Arenas, Duey Guison, Angela Sy, Mels Timan, & Barry Viloria) | Cinematography Jana Jimenez with Gio Vibar | Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Grooming by Raf Bardon, Johnson Estrella, and Ryan Wong of MAC Cosmetics | Styling by JM Gumatay, Shaira Mariel Habon, and Carl Pabilona of @TheStylistCrewPH | Hairstyling: @VivereSalon

Shot on location at: I’M Hotel (7862 Makati Ave, Makati City)

Special Thanks to: Melissa Lim of @IMhotelPH | Gabs Azarcon and Vanessa Vergara of @MacCosmetics | Arvin Amaro of @VivereSalon




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