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In Focus: This New Dance Workout Will Get You Bopping To Enrique Gil, Up Dharma Down, And More OPM!

In Focus: This New Dance Workout Will Get You Bopping To Enrique Gil, Up Dharma Down, And More OPM!

For some, workouts can feel like a chore. Just making time to squeeze one in between your 9-to-5 isn’t always easy, unless, perhaps, you’re already a disciplined gym rat. Others might find themselves struggling to do a particular exercise, and will give up before they allow their muscles to adapt to the soreness and see their bodies transform. 

But that’s where dancing comes in. Dance workouts are a tried-and-tested fun way to tone your whole body, and, at the same time, boost your mood, improve your brainpower, and even meet new friends! For those lookig past those Zumba and Body Combat classes, Kerry Sports Manila complex is soon offering a unique kind of dance workout to their regular roster. 

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Introducing Pinoy Swag, an upbeat, 55-minute dance workout that incorporates pop and rock tunes from 70’s to present day. Over at Lifestyle TV’s Fitstreet event, we caught up with Natalia Uy, the brains behind the workout who's also a group fitness instructor and professor at UP Diliman, as well as club manager SJ Anonuevo to talk a little bit about the new workout. 

Natalia insists that the Pinoy Swag is can be done by anyone—even those with absolutely no dance background! “The movements aren’t complex.  It’s not a hardcore dance class; it’s a workout that aims to expend calories,” she explains. How many, you ask? Think 200-300 per session!  

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What makes Pinoy Swag different from other dance workouts is most evident in the playlists. From Eraserheads' "Alapaap" to Apl.d.ap's "Bebot" to Ai Ai delas Alas' "Nandito Lang Ako" and even Up Dharma Down's "Tadhana," name it. “We take advantage of Filipino music,” Natalia says. “It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. We get to dance and also appreciate OPM."

Besides the inevitable LSS after every class, Pinoy Swag makes you see OPM in a different light. “Most people don’t use it for dance. We tend to think that OPM is just novelty,” confesses Natalia. “We thought of using OPM so that they get to appreciate [this type of music]. We choose the best tracks in the Philippines, while featuring artists and giving them a boost."

SJ adds, “We all love to work out. And it’s a big plus if you enjoy the music. The familiarity and vastness would reach out to the young ones as well as elder ones.”

So, whether you’re new to exercise or just looking to jazz up your usual fitness routine, why not try Pinoy Swag? You and your buds may be surprised!     


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