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Lifestyle Hotshots: All Eyes Are On MYX VJ Hottie Alex Diaz Taking Over The Stage Soon

Lifestyle Hotshots: All Eyes Are On MYX VJ Hottie Alex Diaz Taking Over The Stage Soon

MYX's very own Alex Diaz, better known among his loved ones as James Alexander Diaz McDermott is branching out as well into musical theater this year in the Disney musical presented by 9worksTheatrical, Newsies.  Alex is the sunny, ever loud, and animated Fil-Canadian pogi-boy who doesn't deny his will to share and spread good vibes online with those who need it. He admits to being unabashedly open about what he likes to say and share online and even admits that his feed may not be the most pristine to look at, but it contains all that he definitely wants to put out there for people to see.


How millennial are you and why?

"I am definitely the epitome of millenial (laughs) I enjoy making my feed look nice.  I think you know who my friends are.  We just came from Korea and we basically had to make sure that we had good photos to accompany the trip, like that's how millenial I am."

How do you counter the myth about millennials being too entitled?

"A lot of people think that majority of millenials are entitled but I don't think that's true. I think a lot of millenials are very much hardworking, but we're also very much learning to bridge the gap between what we see on social media versus what we know to be reality. The problem is the generation before us didn't have the luxury or even the trouble/problem of technology with seeing everything and thinking that's the norm. To bridge that gap, I guess I show people that I'm hardworking. Right now, my friends barely get to see me because of my work schedule and I definitely try my best and make it a point to not to let my job description lead people to think that I feel like I deserve things just because I'm on the career path that I am. You have to go above and beyond to prove to people I'm not just my followers and not just my name."

How did you get started with using social IG in your projects/advocacies?

"I started showbiz playing supporting roles for a lot of teleseryes of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, then I moved on to Liza and Enrique, then I became a MYX VJ and my management Cornerstone decided that since I'm very good with words that I should use my social media as a platform for just advocating things that matter to me. So, that's when I started, around the time of Myx is when I started posting, just messages. I'm not an advocate of anything in particular–just love, just be a good person, just remind them (to be one, too). I use Facebook and then I use Twitter just to give little messages and little reminders to choose kindness in a world that doesn't choose kindness in a world where it's easy to be mean, especially on social media."

As a millennial, we’re feeling you still want to have more in life. What else do you dream of doing in the future despite juggling a lot of stuff now?

"I could go on forever. More traveling, more food more friends more fun, more money, more time, but mostly more success and more memorable moments with the people I love."

How meticulous are you with your posts? Describe your process.

"On a scale of 1 to James Reid (laughs)? Because James has got to be the most particular guy I know when it comes to his feed. Have you seen his feed? I'm a very cluttered person it reflects on my feed because it's very bright it's very busy in each picture but as a whole it's like hustling and bustling. I'm not too particular.  I'm definitely not minimalist.  What's the opposite of minimalist...maximalist!!  Life is not minimal why should your pictures be, naks, quotable quotes! I take the photographs and I use VSCO as my go-to app. I definitely spend time buying the different filters.  I playing with the lighting and a bit with the contrast but generally I have a go-to set of filters that I use. Yeah, I don't spend too much time."

What was your greatest social media/ online moment like?

"My very first magazine cover people jumped onto it, I think it was 2 years ago and everyone was like wow, congratulations, and my second one was when I taught a Ride Revolution class, I was an instructor."

What do you think is your most ‘exciting’ post?

"I think at this moment in time, it's all my Korea pics. I feel like everyone should see them because I wanna see them." 

Which one received the most likes?

"(From Korea) The rooftop pictures (here) and then the picture of the Sakura trees on Seoul Tower (here)."

If you were to create your own hashtag, what would that be and why?

"What if I already made one can that be?  #MgaAdviceNiAlexander  I'll post like deep stuff and I'll put it in a hashtag so that people can go to it whenever they're feeling lost or they're feeling like they need a pick-me-up. I got a lot of messages from people thanking me for that."

What are your mid-summer plans?

"I am preparing for my first time doing a musical right now, it's called Newsies, Disney's Newsies, it's produced by Globe and 9WorksTheatrical.  I've been preparing almost every single day for four months for it." 

Any dream destination and why?

"Oh, wow, can it be more than one?  I wanna go to Mexico and I wanna go to Palawan, love your own, Philippines first! El Nido and Coron."

Ideal summer escapade and why?

"Any beach, we went to Tali already and Palawan with my group and for activities everything from diving to parasailing, to drinking on the beach and bonfires, the whole shebang."

Ideal summer date and why?

"Either Japan with my significant other or I would have to say Maldives, in just that hut. First day just stay in bed all day, then swim, then eat, second day go around the city, diving, swimming...definitely."

How do you maintain your bod during the summer?

"Ride revolution (spinning class) and circuit training."

Fave workout?

"Yeah, circuit before I used to have a trainer. But now I've gotten so comfortable with it that I just create my own. That and Ride Revolution for sure."

Most recommended diet?

"Intermittent fasting. You don't eat for 15 hours and then you try to eat only the good stuff.  After you eat as you regularly eat again, the hangry spells kinda go away and you feel more motivated."

Your most effective gwapo trick?

"Tulog and iwas gimik and tulog, pero diyan tayo nahihirapan eh (laughs)."

Your most effective trick to get the girl?

"Honesty and being yourself, know how to carry a conversation.  Pero wala kung hindi ka type, hindi ka type e...(laughs)" 


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Produced by The @ABSCBNLifestyle Team (Katrina Angco, Julia Arenas, Duey Guison, Angela Sy, Mels Timan, & Barry Viloria) | Cinematography Jana Jimenez with Gio Vibar | Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Grooming by Raf Bardon, Johnson Estrella, and Ryan Wong of MAC Cosmetics | Styling by JM Gumatay, Shaira Mariel Habon, and Carl Pabilona of @TheStylistCrewPH | Hairstyling: @VivereSalon

Shot on location at: I’M Hotel (7862 Makati Ave, Makati City)

Special Thanks to: Melissa Lim of @IMhotelPH | Gabs Azarcon and Vanessa Vergara of @MacCosmetics | Arvin Amaro of @VivereSalon




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