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In Focus: 5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For Goblin On ABS-CBN

In Focus: 5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For Goblin On ABS-CBN



The Korean drama series that took South Korea by storm in 2016 will finally be airing on ABS-CBN next week, and the K-drama fangirl in all of us is #shookt! 

While we're excited to see Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) charm our lonely, shining goblin Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) on local TV, we also can't help but wonder how the network will tweak the drama to suit the Filipino audience, especially in terms of dubbing and cultural nuances. So we decided to list down some of the things we're dying to see and wish to find out when Goblin airs in ABS-CBN. Read on below!

1. Hear how the characters’ voices would sound like.  Y'all agree that a person's voice shapes how people perceive him, right? We're so excited to hear the Filipino voices of the Goblin cast, and we're wishing hard that Gong Yoo's smooth, manly voice and Kim Go Eun's sweet tone will be given justice. (And judging from the trailer alone, we'd say they have it down pat!)


2. How they'll address each other. In the show, Ji Eun Tak calls Kim Shin 'ahjussi' (Korean for a middle-aged man), so can you just imagine how that'll be translated in Tagalog? Ginoo? Manong? (Yikes!) Personally, our vote goes to 'sir'—surely it's also appropriate?


3. Witness how our favorite scenes would play out in Tagalog. Okay, so we're excited but we also can't help but feel a little critical of how our fave scenes (Goblin and Reaper's bromance, anyone?) would play out once it's dubbed. Will it be as funny, touching, sad? One thing's for sure, we're already psyched to hear our favorite characters speak in our native tongue!


4. Listen to its perfect OST. Based from the trailer, it seems like ABS-CBN will use the drama's original soundtrack (OST)! Considering how perfect and beautiful it is (especially as background to the show's most dramatic scenes), it's a wise move for the network. Let's just cross our fingers that they'll be able to include more of the OSTs, because Goblin just won't be the same without it!


5. Watch our fave oppas/ahjussis. There's no arguing that Goblin has a stellar cast, but whether you'd like to admit it or not, one of the main reasons why people are so into this show is because of the eye candy! If you haven't seen Lee Dong Wook, Yook Sungjae or Gong Yoo before this, then prepare to be mesmerized, because these three will keep your eyes glued to the screen and leave you wanting for more episodes. (Are those stars we're seeing in your eyes? Yup, we totally get you.)


Can't wait to see Goblin on ABS-CBN? Come to Goblin: Advanced Viewing Party on May 5, at the Korean Cultural Center in Bonifacio Global City! Check out the official KapamilyaNovela Facebook page for more details!


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Banner photograph from TVN Korea. GIFs from Bunchofgifhunts's Tumblr (Gong Yoo), Curlykpopfan's Tumblr (Goblin and Euntak scene), Sseureki's Tumblr (Goblin and Grim Reaper scene), Kotokodesu's Tumblr (Lee Dong Wook), Lasershieldsk's Tumblr (Sungjae, GongYoo)




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