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In Focus: How #FamBamGoals Built Industrie Food Loft, The Latest Foodie Destination In Ortigas

In Focus: How #FamBamGoals Built Industrie Food Loft, The Latest Foodie Destination In Ortigas

Family has been always been the nucleus of society, providing a compass for guidance and inspiration to reach great heights, a haven of solace when we occasionally falter. For the Lachicas, it is precisely the spirit of their strong family ties that led them to build their latest venture, Industrie Food Loft, a 300sqm indoor dining destination with 12 different food concepts, on the rock that is their family.


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Family traditions can serve as a medium for business inspirations. "Golf is our common ground," reveals Kevin Lachica. "We get to catch up and discuss a lot of things.  We actually conceptualized Industrie in the golf course, over a round of golf."  


It was a natural progession for the brothers to bring in their partners into their venture. "When we initially floated the idea to our respective partners, they bought into the idea," says Kevin. Having a variety of strengths enabled the group to form a great working dynamic, with each one contributing special skillsets essential to any new venture, like project management, construction, interior design and advertising.  They took advantage of their strong personal bonds to form a smoother colaboration. "Individually, we each have our own skillsets, says Kevin. "When we all came together, it was a perfect match."  


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As with setting up a new venture, there were a few rough patches but there wasn't anything that the group couldn't work around. "When we started, I wouldn't say that it was perfect," confesses Kevin. "Along the way, there were a lot of challenges.  We'd also fight about the littlest of things, the biggest of things. But, at the end of the day, 'blood is thicker than water' so we always understand each other."


Family ties also helped ease a lot of the birthing pangs of a new business. The group agrees that working together on Industrie added a layer of depth to the relationship they already had, with their initimacy helping pave the way for a successful collaboration. "We've known each other for more than a decade as a couple, reveals Maemae Lachica, wife of Kevin.  "Gamay na namin yung galaw ng isa't isa."


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Being closely involved in each others lives gives a level of intimacy that is difficult to replicate. There is an ebb and flow of interpersonal dynamics intrinsic to each family. "We're brothers," relates Kirby Lachica. "We grew up very close to each other and we all know each other's strengths and weaknesses." Ken, the eldest, adds, "It's as simple as respect. We take everyone's suggestions into consideration and find a solution that everyone agrees on." 


With establishing Industrie Food Loft, the Lachicas seem to have broken any negative stereotype associated with doing business with family and relatives. "I enjoy our daily discussions and brainstorming sessions. I am getting know my brothers and my sisters-in-law in a deeper level, says Kirby. "At the end of the day, our relationship with each other is bigger than the business we're putting up."


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Industrie Food Loft is located at CityGolf Plaza, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas City


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