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The Six Fix: Perks Of Having Your Mom As Your BFF

The Six Fix: Perks Of Having Your Mom As Your BFF



Many of us may have had a love-hate relationship with our mom—that's normal, obvs—but as we grow older, we realize that the person who nags us for not fixing our room, for missing our curfews and for not abiding by her rules, is the same person who listens to us when have a problem, the first person we run to when our heart gets broken, and the only person who will swell with pride even for the littlest things that we do.

Being BFFs with your mom may not always be the case for all, but really, can there be anything better than having your mom as your best friend, too? Moms do know you best–check out these reasons why being BFFs with your mom might just be the best thing ever!


Free everything. If you are BFFS with your mom, naturally she will pay for everything! Your expensive restaurant dates, shopping dates, movie dates, everything! She's still your mom to begin with— it just so happens that you two are best friends. When it comes to expenses, mom-child first before bff-bff!

Forever #realtalk. You won't just hear the truth—she'll slap you with it. Not literally, but be prepared for reality that will make you stay woke. If you need to hear important pieces of advice, your mom will not sugar-coat anything because you're her child and she knows you more than anyone. She also knows your limit when it comes to facing the music—her mother instinct is sharp and your feelings will always come first.

Your friends will be so jealz. You have the coolest mom and all your other friends will be envious! They'll all want to hang out with her, want to talk to her for hours and even want to be you! But don't worry, she will choose you, her child, above all else. Just feel bad about everyone else, because they don't have the best mom/bff in the world!

You can scold her sometimes. Because you're so close, there are moments when you're allowed to tell  her that there are some things she shouldn't have done. Just as nobody's perfect, moms aren't, too. They commit mistakes just like you and me. After you've scolded her and said your piece, you'll feel proud of yourself and she'll be, too, of you, for saying the right things.

She will never break your trust. Having that mother-daughter bond, she will never do anything that will deliberately hurt you for no reason. Sometimes, her decisions as a mother will break your heart, but she will never, ever break your trust as both your mom and your best friend.

A friendship that will never end. This is the only friendship that you're sure will never break. Ever. Because you're bound to be together for your lifetimes, as mom and daughter, and as best friends. There will come a time that you will go your separate ways when you have your own family in the future, but your friendship and love for each other will never fade.

Having your mom as your best friend is a special thing, a rare moment that not everyone would get to experience. So hold on to that relationship and never let it go!


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