Hot Stuff: This Good Deed Will Bring You All the Good Vibes You Need Today

Hot Stuff: This Good Deed Will Bring You All the Good Vibes You Need Today

The latest Uber story to go viral on the internet has everyone feeling all the good vibes. It opens with how a usual Uber trip begins. A woman boards an Uber after booking a ride from Mactan-Cebu International Airport. And because the driver takes care of everything throughout the trip, all the rider has to do is to sit back and relax. And that’s what the woman does—she makes herself as comfortable as possible, busying herself on her phone to while the time before reaching her destination. But perhaps she enjoyed the comforts brought about by the Uber ride too much that she accidentally left her wallet inside the vehicle after being dropped off to her home.

This is usually where the horror ensues. Because when you lose your wallet, you can count on it as being gone forever. The best thing you could probably do is to just wish that the money in it will somehow be put to good use.

However, there’s always the off chance that your wallet miraculously finds its way back to you. Watch what happened in this Uber story that’s currently making the rounds on the internet.


The driver didn’t see the wallet left behind by his previous rider right away. But once he did, the driver didn’t think twice to return the wallet back to the woman who left it. Yes, it took him a bit of time to do so, as he had to go to the ATM first to withdraw cash and refuel at the nearest gas station since his tank was already running low. After the necessary side trips, the driver prioritized returning the wallet to its owner. All the while, it’s hard to blame the woman for assuming the worst: that the driver is already spending her hard-earned cash for himself.

The woman was fortunate to have taken a ride with this good Samaritan. When she was starting to abandon all hope on getting her wallet back, her fears were unfounded. Because sometimes, it’s more than just a ride—it’s about building trust in others. Sometimes, we find unexpected heroes in the worst situations. They’re out there, as evidenced by this Uber story that happened in real life.

The woman thought that this was just one of her usual Uber trips. This was a ride that she’ll most likely never forget and always look back with appreciation and gratitude.

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