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In Focus: 5 Pinoy TV Commercials That Made Our Childhood Memorable

In Focus: 5 Pinoy TV Commercials That Made Our Childhood Memorable



While we have our share of "viral" commercials today, Filipino commercials back in the day were really quite epic. They were brilliant and had really great catchy, original jingles, plus they were so powerful that they influenced the way we looked at brands forever. Let Chalk take you down memory lane with these commercials that made the gaps between our favorite childhood TV shows as interesting as the shows themselves!


 Coca-Cola's "Ito ang beat"

"Ito and beat sabay-sabay. Ito ang beat bawal sablay!" 

Before Pitch Perfect's Cup Song came along, there was this commercial from Coca-Cola. Yes, we dare say that Coca-Cola did it first! Not just once, but twice, and there's even an existing nun version!

Joy Popup Tissue's "Sa Bukid Walang Papel"

"Sa bukid walang papel, ikiskis mo sa pilapil."

Gone are the days when companies reach out to people who answer mother nature's call in public. We need that humor back, stat, since everyone is so outdoorsy nowadays anyway!

Boysen's "Preso"

"Habang buhay, ako sa'yo'y maghihintay."

Boysen's use of exaggeration and humor made this ad so unforgettable. Plus, the song they used was really dramatic and funny! And that tagline: "The paint that lasts a lifetime—almost!" Iconic!

Mcdonald's "Karen" 

 "Ito, para sa paborito kong apo... si Karen."

Before the boom of hugot films and commercials, McDonald's Philippines was already known for producing television commercials that tugged at everybody's heartstrings. This heartwarming lolo-apo ad was no exception; not only did it make us want to hug our grandparents tight, it also made us crave a burger!

PLDT-NDD "Suportahan Taka"

"Kung saan ka masaya, suportahan taka."

This classic PLDT commercial said what every college student needs to hear from their parents. That what ever you chose as long as you are happy, they'll support you no matter what. All these heartwarming feels, we can't even!

What's your favorite commercial then and now? Sound off in the comments, we'd love to reminisce with you!

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