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Cheat Sheet: How To DIY KZ Tandingan's 11-Hours-In-The-Making Box Braids

Cheat Sheet: How To DIY KZ Tandingan's 11-Hours-In-The-Making Box Braids

No doubt about it: KZ Tandingan has got one of the most exciting style and beauty evolutions in Philippine entertainment. She just keeps on surprising everyone with how she switches up her look constantly, from when she chopped off her locks into a pixie to when she went platinum blonde. Her latest peg-worthy transformation? A rocker Barbie look, complete with intricate box braids for her first ever digital concert produced by One Music PH.

Stylist Myrrh Lao To and his team curated edgy high fashion looks in various permutations of black and leather for KZ. Myrrh and burgeoning young designers Brit Tripudio and Thian Rodriguez couldn't have done a better job at creating outfits befitting of the Soul Supreme's unique brand of spunk.



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One other noteworthy element of KZ's look? Her blonde box braids! Perfectly complementing makeup artist Jelly Eugenio's work is hairstylist Mark Familara's 11-hours-in-the-making masterpiece. Mark shared with us a step-by-step guide for you, our dear readers, to be able to recreate the look yourselves, as well as amusing anecdotes from their almost half-day hair preps:


Can you share with us the inspiration for her look?

"It was inspired by the singer/actress and model Zoe Kravitz and singer Rita Ora."

Does she like giving input on pegs or she gives you free reign?

"When she still had short hair, she lets me do whatever I want with it. For this hairstyle, though, siya nag-decide to do it, she really wanted to do box braids six months ago pa but it got delayed kasi limited lang yung colors ng braiding extension dito. so from the U.S. pa yung blonde extensions. She always wants to give her fans a different flavor, a different look of KZ, so we try to change her look or hairstyle every two years. It's worth the wait."

Can you share with our readers how they can recreate this hairstyle on their own?

"I did this for 11 hours. Our calltime was 3PM, we started mga 4PM and done by 3AM. It was very tiring, the process isn't for the faint of heart or for those who get easily bored. I was standing the entire time I was doing it.

1. I crimped her hair so the grip will be better and it's easier to manage when combined with synthetic extensions.

2. I took a pinch of small sections between my thumb and index finger, then mixed the synthetic hair and secured it.

3. Next, I braided her hair all the way down to the end of the pinched section. Very intricate kasi dapat even yung sub-sections and thickness ng braid.

Kaya din we took that long because I did smaller braids compared what I did on her for her new album. For the hairstyle in the album photos, it took us four hours lang to do it, kasi bigger sub-sections and bigger braids compared to her concert na smaller braids and smaller sub-sections."

Here's a popular YouTube video if you want step-by-step visuals to follow:


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Photographs from and / Banner image by Jana Jimenez




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